Who owns Craig Realty?

Who owns Craig Realty?

Steven L. Craig
Our story is the culmination of the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and President/CEO, Steven L. Craig. It is his vision that fosters excellence, attention to detail and the desire to be the best in both our centers and our people.

Who is Steven L Craig?

Steven L. Craig is the Founder/President/CEO at Craig Realty Group. Craig was a partner in Ginsburg Craig, a company under which the highly successful Desert Hills Premium Outlets, located in Cabazon, CA, was developed. This partnership ultimately blossomed into a five-center portfolio of successful outlets.

Who owns outlets at San Clemente?

Craig Realty Group
Outlets at San Clemente – Craig Realty Group.

Where is Steven Craig now?

After retiring from his professional basketball career, he became a music producer. Though that did not last long and he shifted to motivational speaking. Now, Steve Craig is a popular motivational speaker and is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

Did Sally Field and Marie Osmond marry the same man?

For example, actress Sally Field married Steven Craig on 16 September 1968 after the couple starting dating in May 1966. Steve later married 70’s icon Marie Osmond (twice) and Sally had a relationship with Burt Reynolds before marrying (and divorcing) Alan Greisman.

What is there to do at the San Clemente pier?

The San Clemente Pier has a gorgeous clock tower. Surfing is a popular activity, and the pier is full of surfers in the summer. The dock is also famous for fishing. There are fantastic seafood restaurants on the pier, where you can eat delicious freshwater fish and oysters, among many other delectable fresh seafood.

When did the San Clemente outlets open?

Nov. 12, 2015
The Outlets at San Clemente open on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015.

Did Steve Craig marry anyone besides Marie Osmond?

So after just three years of marriage, Marie Osmond and Steve Craig called it quits. While Steve Craig did not remarry after their divorce, Marie did. After separating in October 1985, Marie wed her second husband, Brian Blosil, a music producer, in 1986.

Are there sharks in San Clemente?

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — It’s beach season in California, and fairly or not (hint: not), some people imagine they’ll be bitten and killed by a shark. Oh, it does happen. But not very often. In fact, off Orange County and San Clemente beaches, it hardly ever happens.