Who manages the Shoalwater Bay marine park?

Who manages the Shoalwater Bay marine park?

Gnaarla Karla Booja people
Download the Marine Parks App on Google Play and the App Store. We recognise and acknowledge Gnaarla Karla Booja people as the traditional custodians of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Can you spearfish at Penguin Island?

Spearfishing using scuba or hookah is not allowed in the marine park. Spearfishing by breath-hold only is permitted in the general use zone.

Can you fish at Shoalwater?

​Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is 50 kilometres south of Perth (near Rockingham) and includes Shoalwater Bay and Warnbro Sound. Recreational fishing can be enjoyed in most areas of the marine park, but special rules apply in some zones. …

Can you fish Penguin Island?

Penguin Island offers visitors a range of recreational opportunities while enjoying the breathtaking marine and coastal scenery. Visitors are welcome to line fish from the general use areas of the island.

Are you allowed on Seal Island?

At seal island sea lions will be asleep on the beach and possibly in the water near your kayak. Do not disturb them, and note that landing is not permitted on the beach here. A mooring is available to tie your kayak to but apart from the sea lions there is not much of interest in the water here.

Can I fish on a boat?

Yes, you can give fish away. The person you give fish to does not need to have a fishing license. A fishing license is only needed to take fish. So, if you have two people in your boat, car, camp or living in your home, you can possess two limits of fish in your boat, car, camp or home.

Can I take my boat to Penguin Island?

1) A ferry runs all day from 9am – 3pm. 2) You can take your own small boat over to the island, but mooring is not allowed on the jetty. 4) Though there is a sandbar between the island and the mainland, authorities urge vistors to Penguin Island not to cross the sandbar for safety reasons.

Where is Seal Island WA?

Seal Island (32°17′36″S 115°41′19″E) is located near Shoalwater, Western Australia in the Perth region.

Can you paddle to Penguin Island?

Kayaking in Australia with a sea lion straight ahead. We were paddling out to Penguin Island, just off the coast from Rockingham. About an hour south of Perth, it is an exceptional day trip for anyone travelling around Western Australia. Here is my guide to kayaking to Penguin Island.

What fish can you catch at point Peron?

Fish Species caught at Point Peron

  • Australian Salmon.
  • Giant Herring.
  • Silver Trevally.
  • Whiting.

Where is the Marine Park in Rockingham WA?

The 6540 ha marine park is located offshore from the suburban locality of Shoalwater. Lake Richmond is a freshwater lake in Rockingham, Western Australia. It is approximately 1000 x, with an area of 40 ha, and is 15 m deep in the centre.

What’s the best way to get from Rockingham to Shoalwater?

The best way to get from Rockingham to Shoalwater without a car is to line 551 bus which takes 7 min and costs $4 – $7. How long does it take to get from Rockingham to Shoalwater?

What to see at Shoalwater Islands Marine Park?

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and its associated island nature reserves host an exceptional diversity of marine- dependent fauna and flora within easy reach of urban areas.

Where are the Shoalwater islands in Western Australia?

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park features a necklace of limestone reefs and islands offshore and a string of sandy beaches on the mainland from Cape Peron to Port Kennedy.