Who is the State Transport Commissioner of Punjab?

Who is the State Transport Commissioner of Punjab?

Amarpal Singh
Senior Officers

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Sh. Kakumanu Siva Prasad, IAS Principal Secretary
2 Sh. Rajiv Prashar, IAS Special Secretary
3 Dr. Amarpal Singh , IAS State Transport Commissioner
4 Sh. Bhupinder Singh Rai , IAS Director State Transport

How can I get number plate in Punjab?

First, you go to the RTA / SDM office and install the vehicle number plate in your vehicle. And second, you want to install a vehicle number plate in your two-wheeler and four-wheeler at home.

How can I check my RC Punjab online?

Logon to Vaahan Jaankari to check vehicle registration and owner details online

  1. Step 1: Log on to our Vahan Jankari application.
  2. Step 2: Click on the “Registration Jankari” Section.
  3. Step 3: Enter your vehicle number.

How can I apply for high security number plate in Amritsar?

To register online for HSRP Punjab, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Open the website, http://www.punjabhsrp.in/
  2. Step 2: Click on “Apply HSRP online”
  3. Step 3: Enter the required information including application type, vehicle no, chassis no, engine no, etc.
  4. Step 4: Select the fitment location and click on “submit” tab.

What is transport and non transport vehicle?

TABLE. Transport Vehicle Non-Transport Vehicle (i) Motor cycle with side car for carrying goods. (ii) Motor cycle with trailer to carry goods. (iii) Motor cycle used for hire to carry one passenger on pillion and motorised cycle-rickshaw for goods or passengers on hire.

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in Haryana?

It was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway in 2001. MORTH has declared that it is mandatory for citizens of India to have HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2021 (vehicles sold before April 2019). Also, colour-coded fuel stickers are now compulsory for Old vehicles.

What is front lid?

a the total area in which opposing armies face each other. b the lateral space in which a military unit or formation is operating. to advance on a broad front.

How many RTO are there in Punjab?

List of RTO Punjab

RTO Location RTO Code
Chandigarh PB01
Amritsar PB02
Bathinda PB03
Faridkot PB04

How can I check vehicle owner in Punjab?

How to find Vehicle Owner details online in Punjab. Check vehicle details online, you can visit to vahan parivahan website https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/login.xhtml. Now select menu, click on know your vehicle details. and enter your mobile number.

Who is the head of the transport department in Punjab?

The Transport Department is headed by the State Transport Commissioner. He is assisted by two Additional State Transport Commissioner, One Joint State Transport Commissioner, Deputy Controller (F&A), Deputy State Transport Commissioner, Punjab, Service Engineer, Automobile Engineer, Assistant Transport Commissioner (Tech) in the Head Office

When did computerization of Punjab Transport Department start?

Computerization of department started 10 years ago with the implementation of VAHAN and SARATHI along with computerization of all the managerial functions of the Transport Department.

Who is the head of the Transport Department?

No person shall drive any Motor Vehicle and no owner of Motor Vehicle shall cause or permit the vehicle to be driven in any public place or any other place, unless the vehicle is Registered in accordance with Chapter IV of the MV Act,1988. The Transport Department is headed by the State Transport Commissioner.

Who is the Minister of Transport in India?

Kakumanu Siva Prasad, IAS Sh. Rajiv Prashar, IAS Sh. Bhupinder Singh Rai , IAS Sh. Bhupinder Pal Singh