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Who is the oldest in the bat family?

Who is the oldest in the bat family?

1 Bruce Wayne: 43-years-old.

Who is the current bat family?

List of Current Batman Family Members

  • Bruce Wayne / Batman – leader.
  • Cassandra Cain / Orphan.
  • Tim Drake / Red Robin.
  • Barbara Gordon / Batgirl.
  • Harleeen Quinzel / Harley Quinn.
  • Richard “Dick” Grayson / Nightwing.
  • David Zavimbe / Batwing.
  • Katherine “Kate” Kane / Batwoman.

Who is the most skilled in the bat family?

Batman: The 15 Most Powerful Members of The Bat Family, Ranked

  1. 1 BATMAN. When looking at the strongest members of the Bat Family, all discussions should begin and end with Batman.
  4. 4 RED ROBIN.
  5. 5 HUNTRESS.
  6. 6 JASON TODD.

Did Red Hood joins bat family?

Red Hood is the member of the Bat Family who has obviously deviated from Batman’s creed and method the most often and as a result he is held in contempt by many of his peers, including Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne.

Will there be a bat family show?

As well as classic DC shows and movies, Arrowverse episodes and potentially the ongoing series running on DC Universe, we’ll be getting a live-action Green Lantern project. …

Will there be a Bat-family show?

Who does Joker hate the most in the bat family?

Dick Grayson
6 The Joker Hates Dick Grayson The Most It’s no secret that the Joker loves to traumatize Batman and his sidekicks, killing Jason, capturing and torturing Tim, putting Damian against his father, and many other disturbing things but what he has never been able to do is scar Dick for life.

Who is the deadliest Robin?

Nightwing is still the deadliest Robin that Batman has ever trained. Like Bruce, young Dick Grayson lost his parents to murder. Richard John Grayson was born into a family of acrobats. The Flying Graysons were a family acrobatic troupe that worked for a circus.

Who is Red Hood’s best friend?

Jason Peter Todd is a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman. He is the second character to assume the role of Robin and the second and best-known character to take up the Red Hood alias.

How old are Batfamily in the current time?

These are the ages of Batfamily in current time. Absolut age are a little bit tricky but the age differences look in My opinion like this: Jason is 1-2 Years older than Tim (if you look at their first appearance in the 80es they could be the same age but this doesn’t fit with the comics after Jasons return)

Who are the members of the Bat Family?

Golden Age / (Earth-Two) 1 Alfred Beagle 2 Richard “Dick” Grayson / Robin 3 Bette Kane / Batgirl 4 Helena Wayne / Huntress

Why is the bat family important to Batman?

It has also been implied through Batman’s history that this network serves as a surrogate family for Batman and keeps him from slipping too far into his ruthless vigilante persona. The Silver Age of comics saw the first real establishment of the Bat-Family.

How old is Barbara in the Bat Family?

Probably younger than Bruce and older then Barbara. But especially pre 52 it is hard to say since she was introduced very late in the continuity when ages and timeline didn’t make much sense anymore. Since the new team took over with #35, its been stated over and over again that Barbara is officially 21 years old.