Who is the Matchmaker on Million Dollar Matchmaker?

Who is the Matchmaker on Million Dollar Matchmaker?

It’s hard to find love when you’re all the way at the top. That’s where Millionaire Matchmaker came in. Throughout eight seasons on Bravo — or 10, if you count the show’s WE tv reincarnation, Million Dollar Matchmaker — businesswoman-turned-reality star Patti Stanger helped lonely millionaires find their true loves.

Who was Sonja Morgan’s boyfriend on Millionaire Matchmaker?

Along the way, she’s also reportedly dated Prince Albert of Monaco, Owen Wilson, and Botched’s Paul Nassif — but turned to Patti Stanger in 2015. Sonja Morgan appeared in Season 8 of Millionaire Matchmaker alongside celebrity blogger Perez Hilton in 2015.

Who is Neon Hitch from Million Dollar Matchmaker?

When Millionaire Matchmaker moved to WE tv and became Million Dollar Matchmaker, the series had one of the most bizarre and standout twists of the Millionaire’s Club history. In 2016, British singer Neon Hitch and investment banker Jason Ziegler appeared on the series looking for love — and boy, did they find it.

What’s the success rate on Millionaire Matchmaker?

In real life, Stanger touts a 99 percent success rate, but many of her on-screen matches seemed to be failures. Perhaps her off-screen clients make up the bulk of that success, but her expertise will certainly cost you. In an interview with NBC’s Talk Stoop (via The Daily Dish ), Stanger claimed some clients pay her $150,000 to find a match.

What did plumpty Dumpty say on Millionaire Matchmaker?

The matchmaker labeled her “plumpty dumpty” when she opted for stripper-slash-plumber Luke, but her ban wasn’t permanent (how can you pass on that ratings gold?). Kassner has since appeared on more than a dozen Millionaire Matchmaker episodes, and had her final run in 2016 with WE tv’s Million Dollar Matchmaker.

When did Stephanie Pratt appear on Millionaire Matchmaker?

During Stephanie Pratt’s quest to seemingly appear on every reality TV show humanly possible, The Hills star did make a quick stop over to Patti Stanger’s office during Season 8 of Millionaire Matchmaker in 2015.