Who is seryozha in Anna Karenina?

Who is seryozha in Anna Karenina?

Sergei (Seryozha) Karenin. At the beginning of the novel, Anna’s son Seryozha is eight years old, and Anna’s relationship with him is the most important one in her life.

Who is seryozha father?

father Evgeny Petrovich
Synopsis. Seryozha, a seven-year old, had been caught smoking, and his father Evgeny Petrovich, a court prosecutor, tries to put it to him how detrimental to one’s health this habit is, and how wrong it is to steal somebody else’s tobacco.

How do you pronounce seryozha?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Seryozha. Sery-ozha. SEHRAYOWZ-AH. SEAR-REE-OH-JA.
  2. Meanings for Seryozha. Russian diminutive/familliar form of Sergei, like saying “Dear Sergei”
  3. Translations of Seryozha. Chinese : 赛约扎 Russian : Сережа French : Seriogea.

What does Anna Karenina call her son?

Anna returns to her husband, Count Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin, a senior government official, and her son, Seryozha, in St. Petersburg. On seeing her husband for the first time since her encounter with Vronsky, Anna realizes that she finds him unattractive, though she tells herself he is a good man.

Where can I find quotes from Anna Karenina?

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Who is the mother of Seryozha in Anna Karenin?

Anna deeply loves her son, Seryozha, who is her child with Karenin. Anna does not want to give up custody of Seryozha, which she would have to do if she and Karenin officially got divorced, since this is Karenin’s primary stipulation. But as her relationship with Vronsky intensifies, Anna abandons Seryozha.

Why was Anna Arkadyevna so unhappy in Karenina?

Anna Arkadyevna read and understood, but it was unpleasant for her to read, that is, to follow the reflection of other people’s lives. She wanted too much to live herself. And the son, just like the husband, produced in Anna a feeling akin to disappointment.

Who is Sergei alexeich in Anna Karenina?

Although she abandons him, Anna still feels a much deeper emotional bond with her son than with Annie, her daughter. The Anna Karenina quotes below are all either spoken by Sergei Alexeich (Seryozha) Karenin or refer to Sergei Alexeich (Seryozha) Karenin.