Who is No 1 GTA 5 Youtuber in world?

Who is No 1 GTA 5 Youtuber in world?

When ranking the best GTA 5 YouTubers, Typical Gamer, LispyJimmy, and Kryton are definitely in the top 10. Other good YouTube GTA 5 channels include Vikkstar123, LaSalle, Prestige Clips, Azerrz, and JeromeACE.

Who is the biggest GTA 5 Youtuber?

5 most subscribed GTA 5 YouTubers in April 2021

  • Techno Gamerz. Image via Techno Gamerz (YouTube)
  • Kwebbelkop. Image via Kwebbelkop (YouTube)
  • DaniRep. Image via DaniRep (YouTube)
  • Lui Calibre. Image via VanossGaming (YouTube)
  • Anas. Image via Anas (YouTube)

Who is the king of GTA V in world?

Cash is king in GTAV and while there will be plenty of ways to acquire and spend it – heists are the way to earn the big bucks.

Who is GTA V King in world?

How to make random attacks happen in GTA 5?

Place RandomAttackings.dll and RandomAttackings.ini into your “scripts” folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook. The controls can be edited via the .ini file. The mod uses a random timer and random chance to make the attacks very random, by default every 5-10 minutes, an event could/should happen.

Where are strangers and Freaks in GTA 5?

Strangers and Freaks are encounters and missions given by random characters throughout the state of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The missions are a successor for the Random characters missions in the previous games, with elements from the “Strangers” side-missions from Red Dead Redemption…

What is the reward for gang intimidation GTA 5?

The reward is the $ 750 and, additionally, Trevor may take her to the Altrusits. Gang Intimidation – The event starts with a cry for help from a woman, which is, in fact, a trap. The protagonist needs to kill the assailants. The reward is the money that the bandits dropped (200 to 500 dollars). This event is also available for Trevor.

Where do you take the girl in GTA 5?

Trevor can take the girl to the Altruists hangout. Sport Bike Thief – The victim was robbed of a Pegassi Bati 801 bike. The aim of this mission is to kill the assailant and retrieve the stolen bike. You can either keep the vehicle or return it to the owner for five additional points to the driving skill.