Who does Steve Williams caddie for?

Who does Steve Williams caddie for?

Steve Williams (caddie)

Steve Williams MNZM
Born November 29, 1963
Nationality New Zealander
Occupation Caddie
Employer Greg Norman (1982–1989) Raymond Floyd (1989–1999) Tiger Woods (1999–2011) Adam Scott (2011–2017) Danielle Kang (2017) Jason Day (2019)

What happened to tigers old caddie Steve?

As Tiger Woods took the golf world by storm in the early 2000s, caddie Steve Williams served as his right-hand man. But they broke up after Woods’ private life fell apart in public, and Williams “slept with the enemy.” Given what Williams has said about his former partner, any reconciliation seems unlikely.

Did Steve Scott marry his caddie?

“There’s such a fine line between us club pros and the PGA Tour guys, but I enjoyed it,” said Scott, who is best known for nearly beating Tiger Woods in the final of the U.S. Amateur in 1996. Scott’s caddie that day was his girlfriend, Kristi, whom he later married.

Who was Tiger Woods caddie?

Joe LaCava
Tiger Woods/Caddies
A familiar face toting an unfamiliar golf bag has emerged at Liberty National as Tiger Woods’ caddie Joe LaCava has jumped in to work for four-time PGA TOUR winner Patrick Cantlay.

Who was Tiger Woods caddie in 1997?

Mike Cowan
Michael Thomas “Fluff” Cowan (born February 7, 1948) is a professional golf caddie on the PGA Tour. He is a 40-year tour veteran and one of its best-known caddies. Cowan has caddied for Ed Sabo (1976–1978), Peter Jacobsen (1978–1996), Tiger Woods (1996–1999), and Jim Furyk (1999–present).

Does Steve Scott still play golf?

Steve Scott is a trail blazing PGA Professional. Today he’s a digital Director of Instruction for Golfweek, a commentator for PGA Tour Live and the PGA of America along with being a Head Golf Professional for the Outpost Club and Silver Club Golfing Society.

Who did Tiger Beat in 1996 amateur?

Steve Scott
This summer will mark the 20th anniversary of one of the great matches in modern golf history. The final of the 1996 U.S. Amateur Championship, played at Pumpkin Ridge in Portland, Ore., pitted two-time defending champion Tiger Woods of Stanford against Steve Scott, a sophomore from the University of Florida.