Who did Stan Walker beat in Australian Idol?

Who did Stan Walker beat in Australian Idol?

Hayley Warner
Soul singer Stan Walker has triumphed over rock chick Hayley Warner to be crowned the seventh Australian Idol. Walker, 18, was the favourite to win the grand final of the Network Ten singing contest and said he felt “blessed” to win. “I just want to thank God I want to thank my family for coming and supporting me.

Who Won 2009 Australian Idol?

Stan Walker

Australian Idol finalists (with dates of elimination)
Australian Idol season 1 finalists
Australian Idol season 7 (2009) finalists
Stan Walker Winner
Hayley Warner 22 November

Did Jess Mauboy win Australian Idol?

Damien Leith was voted the winner, with Jessica Mauboy the runner-up.

Who won the second Australian Idol?

Casey Donovan

Australian Idol (season 2)
Finalists (with dates of elimination)
Casey Donovan Winner
Anthony Callea 16 November
Courtney Murphy 8 November

Who abused Stanwalk?

When Walker was eight and living in New South Wales, Australia, he was sexually abused almost daily by a teenage cousin. “He molested and groomed me for months,” Walker said. Stan Walker didn’t tell his parents about the sexual abuse for several years. “Every day after school it would happen.

Why was Australian Idol Cancelled?

Starting with Season 6, judge Mark Holden departed, and, for the first time, auditions were to be held in London and Los Angeles, due in part to the success of Aussie ex-pat Michael Johns on American Idol (2002). However, the L.A. auditions were cancelled due to the judges’ scheduling conflicts.

What happened to Stan Walker as a child?

His autobiography, Impossible: My Story, tells the story of Walker’s horrific upbringing in Aotearoa – a childhood entrenched in violence, manipulation, and sexual abuse. From as far back as he can remember, he endured beatings so regular and so severe, his bones were broken.

Who became famous from Australian Idol?

Season one winner Guy Sebastian currently holds the record for the highest-selling Australian Idol album, with more than four hundred thousand copies sold in Australia….Contestants.

Name Kelly Cavuoto
Age 22
Hometown Adelaide, South Australia
Season 1
Finished 8th

Who was the youngest person to win Australian Idol?

Season 2 (2004): Casey Donovan. Casey Donovan won the second season of Idol at just 16 – the youngest act to do so. After Idol, she decided to go indie and establish herself as a solo act under her own steam. She was one of Australia’s most promising indigenous artists at the time, but wasn’t able to follow up Sebastian’s chart success.

Who was the winner of Australian Idol in 2007?

Holden’s final touchdown went to 2007 winner Natalie Gauci in the Top 4 on Big Band night during Season 5. During Season 6, due to Holden’s departure from the judging panel, the other judges awarded “touchdowns” themselves. The first “touchdown” was delivered by Kyle Sandilands to Chrislyn Hamilton on top 12 night.

How old was Guy Sebastian when he won Australian Idol?

Out of the 73 contestants listed, 19 of them were under the age of 20, including two winners and two runners-up. Season one winner Guy Sebastian currently holds the record for the highest-selling Australian Idol album, with more than four hundred thousand copies sold in Australia.

When did the first season of Australian Idol start?

Australian Idol is an Australian singing competition, which began its first season in July 2003 and ended its initial run in November 2009. As part of the Idol franchise, Australian Idol originated from the reality program Pop Idol, which was created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller.