Who are the main characters in American girl?

Who are the main characters in American girl?

Helen McIntire: Molly’s mother, Mom. Jill McIntire: Molly’s older sister. Ricky McIntire: Molly’s older brother. Brad McIntire: Molly’s younger brother. Grammy Culver: Molly’s maternal grandmother. Grandpa Culver: Molly’s maternal grandfather. Eleanor Culver: Molly’s maternal aunt.

When did Molly McIntire come out in American girl?

Molly McIntire is one of the first three Historical Characters, representing the late World War II Era. Molly was released in 1986 along with Samantha Parkington and Kirsten Larson . In June 2013 American Girl announced that they would archive Molly’s entire collection; she, Emily Bennett, and their collections were archived in December 2013.

When does the new American Girl book come out?

In November 2017, the official website for American Girl Publishing indicated a new mini doll would be released also. The rereleased books and mini-doll were released February 2018; a preview of the potential BeForever Doll was also released inadvertently on the official site, but soon taken down.

What’s the music video for All American girl?

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In the changing times of 1970s San Francisco, Julie Albright is dealing with more than her share of upheaval—a new house, a new school, and new friends. When Julie runs into roadblocks to achieve her goals at school, she leans on the support of her family and gathers the confidence to take on the system.

What’s the date on an American Girl doll?

Don’t let the 2008 on the body tag fool you – its a factory number not a date. Many older and retired dolls have that tag. If you part your doll’s hair in the back (as if for braids on either side) and see shorter hairs along the part then your blue-eyed blonde is Kirsten from the Historical collection.

Where do they make the American Girl dolls?

They are now owned by Mattel and made in China. American Girl made dolls other then the Historical dolls. They are made dolls to order to match the girls they were being made for and other styles. We really need more information then just what it says on the tag to id her.