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Which starship Enterprise is the best?

Which starship Enterprise is the best?

Conversely, in 2019, SyFy ranked the refit design of the Enterprise (NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-A) as the franchise’s best, ranking the original design as only the fourth best version of the starship.

What does USS Enterprise stand for?

United Space Ship
The Making of Star Trek explains that USS means “United Space Ship” and that “Enterprise is a member of the Starship Class”.

How big is the Star Trek Enterprise D?

Even though the ships are (thankfully!) not just gradually scaled up version of the exact same shape, that is why the Enterprise-D appears to be barely 3 times as long as the NX-01 and yet it has a crew complement of more than 1000 people as opposed to the NX-01’s 80 (and the Enterprise-D feels much emptier nonetheless). – O. R.

How is the USS Enterprise different from the original Enterprise?

The proportions of the Galaxy-class Enterprise -D were different from the original Enterprise while retaining its familiar dual warp nacelles and saucer section appearance. The nacelles were made proportionally smaller than the saucer section, based on the idea that warp engines would have become more efficient over time.

What kind of Starship is the Enterprise D?

The fourth is an Excelsior-class refit used in Generations. The fifth is an Ambassador-class starship which appeared in the TNG episode “Yesterdays Enterprise”. The sixth, the Enterprise-D, is a Galaxy-class starship from the TNG TV series and also featured (and destroyed) in the movie Generations.

How does the enterprise increase / vary in size between?

Yet the ships look pretty similar so I wondered do the ships really get much larger or is it just one of those details which don’t tie up across the Star Trek universe – like how the Enterprise ship looks far more like the TNG one than the TOS one even though it’s more primitive.