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Which is the most popular eBook?

Which is the most popular eBook?

Bestsellers in Kindle eBooks

  1. #1. The Art Of Saying NO: How To Stand Your…
  2. #2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  3. #3. Tinkle Double Digest No 153.
  4. #4. Immortals of Meluha (The Shiva Trilogy Book 1)
  5. #5. Communication Skills Training: A Practical…
  6. #6. Speak English: Beginner’s Guide to Everyday…
  7. #7.
  8. #8.

Where I can read eBooks for free?

Here are our favourite sites where you can legally download free ebooks to read on a Kindle, tablet, phone or even your PC:

  1. Baen Free Library.
  2. Feedbooks.
  3. Project Gutenberg.
  4. Bartleby.
  5. Open Library.
  6. Nook, Kindle, Kobo etc.

What is the best online library for eBooks?

Here’s our list of the 29 best websites for downloading free eBooks for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks, and more.

  1. Project Gutenberg.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Google eBookstore.
  4. Amazon Free Kindle Books.
  5. Internet Archive.
  6. ManyBooks.
  7. BookBoon.
  8. LibGen/Library Genesis.

Where can I get free high quality eBooks online?

This article lists some of the best sites that offer free ebooks for you to read.

  1. Overdrive.
  2. Library Genesis.
  3. Centsless Books.
  4. Project Gutenberg.
  5. ManyBooks.
  6. Feedbooks.
  7. PDFBooksWorld.
  8. Open Library.

What are the best selling ebook topics?

The Top 10 Non-Fiction Categories on Amazon Kindle (eBooks)

  • Business & Money (123)
  • Self-Help (146)
  • Cook Books, Food & Wine (171)
  • Politics & Social Sciences (180)
  • Health, Fitness & Dieting (202)
  • Parenting & Relationships (327)
  • Crafts, Hobbies & Home (1,309)
  • Education & Teaching (1,483)

Are eBooks still popular?

Only 25 percent of respondents said they read an ebook, which is down 2 percent from 2015. The share of Americans who read audiobooks has also risen, from 14 percent in 2015 to 20 percent in 2019.

Which eBook app is best?

The best ebook reader apps for Android

  • Aldiko Book Reader.
  • Amazon Kindle.
  • AIReader.
  • FBReader.
  • Foxit PDF Reader.
  • FullReader.
  • Google Play Books.
  • Kobo Books.

What is the story of any known blood?

Spanning five generations, sweeping across a century and a half of almost unknown history, this acclaimed and unexpectedly funny novel is the story of a man seeking himself in the mirror of his family’s past.

What did I Like most about Lawrence Hills novel any known blood?

What I liked most about Lawrence Hills novel Any Known Blood was perhaps the one thing I also disliked about it. While this may sound like an oxymoron, Hills use of time travel throughout the novel quickly became convoluted and difficult to follow.

What are some good books to read for free?

Lincoln Rhyme (12 books) Age of X (2 books) Kingsbridge (2 books) His Dark Materials (6 books) Fifty Shades of Grey As Told By Christian (2 books) The 13th Reality (4 books) Mortal Engines Quartet (5 books) Fantastic Beasts (2 books) more >>.

Who is the protagonist in any known blood?

The Illegal was a completely different pace (a slow burn) but I also enjoyed it. Once again, Any Known Blood keeps the bar high. The novel’s protagonist Langston Cane the Fifth decides he is not tethered in this world because he knows nothing of his family’s background.