Which country tops in the happiest country from a study in 2013?

Which country tops in the happiest country from a study in 2013?

The happiest nation was Denmark, which bagged the spot after ousting last year’s winner Iceland. Denmark was followed by Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Austria, Iceland and Australia in the top 10 positions, respectively.

What is the happiest country in the world 2014?

The World’s Happiest Countries (The List)

Rank Country 2014 Thriving in 3+ Elements
1 Panama 53.0%
2 Costa Rica 47.6%
3 Puerto Rico 45.8%
4 Switzerland 39.4%

What country smiles the most?

Positive Paraguay Paraguay, the little South American country with the chilled-out reputation, ranked highest worldwide for Positive Experiences, and has held this position since 2015. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is also the country that smiles the most globally.

What is the most happy country in the world?

Finland is the happiest country in the world closely followed by Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand lead the way at teaching skills for the future.

What is the least happy country?

The report also revealed that the world’s happiest country is Paraguay, which placed first for the second year in a row. The least happy country was Yemen.

What makes Finland the happiest country in the world?

According to the World Happiness Report, the 5 million residents of Finland are the happiest in the world with an aggregated score of 7.632. Finland ranks first thanks to its low corruption rate, high quality of life, and good governance. Finns enjoy the largest forest cover per square mile of any country in Europe.

Which countries are happy?

The geography of happiness. Finland takes the top spot once again as the happiest country in the world. Rounding out the rest of the top 10 are countries that have consistently ranked among the happiest. They are in order: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria.