Where to buy the best Kush Cannabis seeds?

Where to buy the best Kush Cannabis seeds?

Welcome to Growers Choice, your go-to shop for the finest kush seeds in the country, delivered straight to your front door! Our selection of more than 40 cannabis seed strains includes 10 premium kush seed strains for sale, with authenticated genetics and all the beautiful, healing benefits of this wonderful indica variety.

What kind of cannabis is critical Kush from?

! CRITICAL KUSH™ Cannabis Seeds | BARNEYS FARM® CRITICAL KUSH™ comes from a blend of the famous Critical Mass with our own OG Kush. This is an extremely vigorous and powerful Indica plant which yields huge amounts of strong Kush.

How long does it take for Kush seeds to grow?

Flowering in as little as 50 days and offering a pretty impressive yield, Critical Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice is one of the finest indica strains out there. At Growers Choice, we strive to be your one-stop shop to find kush seeds for sale.

How long has the Hindu Kush been breeding cannabis?

We have been breeding for over 15 years, our genetics have been collected from the purest strains that date back generations in the Hindu Kush and decades in North America, we have searched long and hard for genetics that are stable and offer something far from the norm.

Where to find the cheapest cannabis seeds online?

Well-known worldwide for comparing the most popular strains at low prices and has been considered as one of the best places to find the cheapest prices for cannabis seeds online. Recently Added Cannabis Strains Sweet Cheese Feminized Cannabis Feminized Seeds Sweet Cheese Strain is the result of crossing two excellent cannabis strains.

Where does the name Kush come from for cannabis?

Kush seeds are indica-dominant cannabis strains. Though sometimes used as a synonym for cannabis (kind of like pot or weed), the term “ kush ” actually only applies to specific types or strains of cannabis, because it comes from Hindu Kush, a mountain range that runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.