Where is zlatni Rat beach?

Where is zlatni Rat beach?

The landform itself is mostly composed of a white pebble beach, with a Mediterranean pine grove taking up the remainder. Zlatni Rat has been regularly listed as one of the top beaches in Europe….Zlatni Rat.

Location Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 43°15′21″N 16°38′02″ECoordinates: 43°15′21″N 16°38′02″E

How do you get Zlatni rat from Bol?

Zlatni rat beach is only 2 km from Bol. You can reach the beach either by car or by a 20-minute walk along the sea. During the summer months, every half an hour there is a small tourist train going to the beach, as well as tourist boats that take off from the port of Bol.

What does Zlatni Rat mean in Croatian?

Golden Horn
I chose the island of Brac – tempted by the supposedly most beautiful beach in Croatia – Zlatni Rat which means literally “Golden Horn”. To get there, you can take a bus to the village of Bol (besides Zlatni Rat) for around 40 HRK (5.50 EUR/6.50 USD).

Is Zlatni Rat beach sandy?

Although the Zlatni Rat beach is not a sandy beach, its immense beauty is unique in Croatia: This beautiful pebble beach stretches for about 500 meters into the turquoise-blue sea and therefore the beach shape looks like a huge golden horn.

Why is it called Zlatni Rat beach?

Zlatni Rat is a unique phenomenon. Scientists say that it was created thanks to several factors – erosion from nearby Vidova Gora hill and the settling of material around the reef caused by sea currents and waves over the years.

Which Croatian island has the best beaches?

Best beaches in Croatia

  • Sakarun Beach. Dugi Otok Island.
  • Nugal Beach. Makarska.
  • Stiniva Beach. Vis Island – Split.
  • Zlatni Rat Beach. Brac Island.
  • Baska Beach. Baska – Krk Island.
  • Pasjaca Beach. Cavtat – Konavle Region.
  • Peljesac Beach. Peljesac Peninsula.
  • Dubrovnik Beach. Dubrovnik.

How expensive is Brac Croatia?

Price per night in a luxury hotel in Brac is about 525 USD (3,300 HRK). Using public transport in Brac comes at a cost of: 1.70 USD (11 HRK) for a one-way ticket….Prices in Croatia. Historic data last years.

Petrol price in Brac is around 1.80 USD 1.60 EURO
Diesel fuel price in Brac is around 1.80 USD 1.50 EURO

Where is Zlatni Rat Beach in Brac island?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Zlatni Rat beach is the main reason we headed for the island in the first place. Located on the southern coast of Brac, its tip stretching out to the Adriatic is one of the most unique and popular postcards of the country.

What makes the shape of Zlatni Rat Beach?

The shape of Zlatni Rat beach The distinctive triangular shape of the beach is mainly formed by two opposite sea currents that are meeting on this place, each pushing into a different direction. The winds, mostly Maestral (north-west), Bura (north-east) and Siloko (south-east) also added to the shape of the beach as well as the current tides.

Is there a private tour to Zlatni Rat?

Full-Day Private Tour to Zlatni Rat in Split Croacia. It can be tricky to visit six islands in one day, but this tour lets you tick off all of them. With a round-trip cruise on a RIB speedboat and provided snorkel equipment, you can swim in bays on the Adriatic Sea hassle-free.

Where to find the best weather in Croatia?

Want weather on your site? Live beach camera showing you the crystal-clear waters of Zlatni Rat, often referred to as Golden Cape or Golden Horn (due to its shape), located on the southern coast of Brač island (Split-Dalmatia County), in Croatia. NOTE! This site uses cookies and similar technologies.