Where is Tanya from Zumba?

Where is Tanya from Zumba?

I’m Tanya Curry, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I first became a ZIN™ Member in 2010 however I took a short break from teaching after my second child.

How much is Tanya Beardsley worth?

Tanya Bardsley – £2.8 million She has reportedly made a fortune of an estimated £2.8 million through her TV work and her modelling career, appearing in magazines like Zoo and FHM.

How much does a strong by Zumba instructor make?

How Much Do Zumba Instructor Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $104,000 $8,666
75th Percentile $67,000 $5,583
Average $59,783 $4,981
25th Percentile $47,000 $3,916

How much money has Zumba made?

Based in an upscale shopping mall in Hallandale, Florida, Zumba Fitness has 250 employees and a reported valuation of more than $500 million. (The company does not release revenue figures. CEO Alberto Perlman says it grew 4,000 percent from 2007 to 2010 and 750 percent in the past three years.)

Are Tanya and Leanne still friends 2020?

It appears that Tanya and Leanne are still friends because they both follow each other on Instagram.

Do Zumba instructors make money?

How much does a Fitness Instructor make at Zumba Fitness in the United States? Average Zumba Fitness Fitness Instructor hourly pay in the United States is approximately $28.62, which is 38% above the national average.

How much is Zumba worth today?

Today the Miami-based company is a household name with a reported 15 million people across 186 countries attending Zumba exercise classes every week. The firm is worth at least a reported $500m, while Beto’s personal fortune is estimated at $30m.

Are dawn and Leanne still friends?

After an upsetting feud and long court battle with ex-bestie Dawn, Leanne decided to call it quits on the ITVBe show.

Does Ampika have a child?

“My son is now 12 and with hard work he’s got a new mum who has got loads of energy.” On Friday salon owner Ampika shared a photo of her larger frame, alongside her now onto Instagram. And it’s safe to say fans were stunned.

How old is Tanya Beardsley the Zumba Instructor?

Dance and fitness professional who would become known as one of the top celebrity Zumba instructors in the world. She has starred in Zumba fitness DVDs and was awarded Specialty presenter of the Year in Canada. The 39-year-old dancer was born in Connecticut, United States.

How old is Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley?

Tanya Beardsley was born on the 4th of July, 1981. She is best known for being a Dancer. She and Gina Grant are both well known celebrity Zumba instructors. Tanya Beardsley’s age is 39. Dance and fitness professional who would become known as one of the top celebrity Zumba instructors in the world.

What do you need to know about Tanya Beardsley?

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