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Where is Montagny located?

Where is Montagny located?

Located at the southern end of the Cote Chalonnaise region of Burgundy, the appellation of Montagny incorporates the villages of Buxy, Montagny-les-Buxy, Jully-les-Buxy, and Saint-Vallerin.

Is Montagny a Burgundy?

Montagny is a commune in the south of the Côte Chalonnaise sub-region of Burgundy, in eastern France. It is the only one of the five Chalonnaise communal appellations devoted exclusively to white wines produced from the Chardonnay grape variety, to the exclusion of Pinot Noir.

What grape is Montagny?

Chardonnay grapes
The wine, grown only from Chardonnay grapes, breathes freshness and clarity. The monks of Cluny preferred it to any other.

What are the three famous wine regions in Spain?

Major Spanish wine regions include the Rioja and Ribera del Duero, which are known for their Tempranillo production; Jumilla, known for its Monastrell production; Jerez de la Frontera, the home of the fortified wine Sherry; Rías Baixas in the northwest region of Galicia that is known for its white wines made from …

What grape is Rully?

Rully is in a northern commune of the Côte Chalonnaise sub-region of Burgundy. Red wines are made from Pinot Noir, while the white wines are produced exclusively from Chardonnay and are often fermented or matured in oak barrels.

Where are the vineyards in Montagny Bourgogne located?

Hereabouts, as in the Côte de Nuits or at Chassagne-Montrachet, wine-growing and stone-quarrying amicably share the landscape. Buxy, with its 12th century fortifications, is an important heritage site and retains its independent spirit.

Where are the different wine regions in Spain?

With extremely varying climates, terroir and wine making traditions throughout the country, every wine region has something different to offer – from the warm red wines of Rioja to the sparkling Cava from Penedes. Consequently, the Spain wine region map can appear overcrowded and confusing.

How big are the wine vineyards in Spain?

What’s surprising, is Spain is the 3rd largest producer of wine with the largest land area dedicated to vineyards in the world! (2.4 million acres) Spanish wines range the gamut from great values to collectible treasures, and from delicate whites to opulent reds.

What kind of wine is Montagny Chardonnay made of?

Montagny produces white wines only. To the eye, these wines present the classic features of a burgundian Chardonnay: limpid, pale gold colour with green highlights when young, darker gold colour with age. Their aromas are acacia, mayflower, honeysuckle, bramble flowers, and sometimes violet and bracken.