Where is Gacutil located?

Where is Gacutil located?

The Gacutil.exe tool is located in the . NET Framework installation directory. The default location for this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10. 0A\bin\NETFX 4.6.

How do I find out if assembly is registered in GAC?

If you dont care that the assembly is actually in the GAC, but just loadable on the machine (from the appdomain) you can just use LoadAssembly with the assemblies name (strong, common, full, etc). If the assembly can be loaded by Fusion it will be and then you will know it exists.

How do I install Gacutil EXE?

  1. Run the .NET command prompt (Start >> Programs >> Microsoft VS.NET >> VS.NET Tools >> VS.NET prompt)
  2. Start the gacutil.exe tool with -i parameter (install) and the full path to the control’s DLL. For example: gacutil.exe -i “C:\Program Files\Telerik\UI for WinForms\Version\bin\TelerikCommon. dll”

What is Gac_msil?

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL (32 and 64 bit) The MSIL is an abbreviation for Microsoft Intermediate Language. The folder path used by the .NET Framework 3.5 (and below) is C:\Windows\assembly\ (32 and 64 bit)

How add DLL to Gacutil?


  1. Open a Windows SDK command prompt.
  2. Enter a command using the following syntax: gacutil /i \GHDotNetUtils.dll.
  3. To verify that the file has been added to the GAC, enter the following command: gacutil /l GHDotNetUtils.dll.

Where is global assembly cache folder?

NET Framework 4, the default location for the Global Assembly Cache is %windir%\Microsoft.NET\assembly. In earlier versions of the . NET Framework, the default location is %windir%\assembly. Administrators often protect the systemroot directory using an access control list (ACL) to control write and execute access.

How do you make a strong name assembly?

Create and sign an assembly with a strong name by using Visual Studio

  1. In Solution Explorer, open the shortcut menu for the project, and then choose Properties.
  2. Choose the Signing tab.
  3. Select the Sign the assembly box.
  4. In the Choose a strong name key file box, choose Browse, and then navigate to the key file.

Can you use gacutil on Windows Server 2012?

With Windows Server 2012 unfortunately it’s not quite so easy. Being able to simply open the GAC in Explorer and drag/drop is gone. Also GacUtil.exe is not present on the server by default. To use Gacutil on a non-development machine you will have to copy the executable and config file from your dev machine to the production machine.

Where to find gacutil.exe

If you decide to grab gacutil files from existing installation, note that from .NET 4.0 is three files: gacutil.exe gacutil.exe.config and 1033/gacutlrc.dll Open Developer Command prompt. You can use the version in Windows SDK but sometimes it might not be the same version of the .NET Framework your using, getting you the following error:

How to install a DLL to GAC Windows Server 2012?

.NET: Install a DLL to GAC (Global Assembly Cache) Windows Server 2012 1 Open CMD as adminstrator in new server. 2 Traverse to the folder where you copied the Gacutil.exe. For eg – C:program files. (in my case). 3 Type the below in the cmd prompt and install. More

How to install gacutil on a development machine?

To use gacutil on a development machine go to: Start -> programs -> Microsoft Visual studio 2010 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010). Then use these commands to uninstall and Reinstall respectively. Note I did NOT include .dll in the uninstall command.