Where is Al Sadd from?

Where is Al Sadd from?

Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar
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Al Sadd Sports Club (Arabic: نادي السد الرياضي‎) is a Qatari sports club based in the Al Sadd district of the city of Doha. It is best known for its association football team, which competes in the top level of Qatari football, the Qatar Stars League.

What zone is Al Saad?

Zone 38
Al Sadd (Qatar)

Al Sadd اَلسَّدّ
Zone Zone 38, Zone 39
District no. 38
• Total 3.5 km2 (1.4 sq mi)

How many trophies have Al Sadd won?

Ooredoo Cup 2021-2022 Al Sadd are one of the most successful club sides in Qatar football and have lifted the league title a record 14 times.

What league do Al Sadd play in?

Qatar Stars League
Amir CupQatar CupSheikh Jassim Cup
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Who is the team that won the second division title for the current season 2020 2021?

The final was played on 19 April 2021 between Al-Akhdoud and Al-Orobah. Al-Akhdoud defeated Al-Orobah 4–2 on penalties (3–3 after extra time) to win their second title and first since 1992.

Where is Zone 70 in Qatar?

municipality of Al Daayen
Zone 70 is a zone of the municipality of Al Daayen in the state of Qatar. The main districts recorded in the 2015 population census were Leabaib, Al Ebb, Jeryan Jenaihat, Al Kheesa, Rawdat Al Hamama, Wadi Al Wasaah, Al Sakhama, Al Masrouhiya, Wadi Lusail, Lusail, Umm Qarn, and Al Daayen.

Where is Zone 50 in Qatar?

Ad Dawhah Municipality

Zone no. Districts Population (2015)
50 Zone 50 1,137
57 Industrial Area 364,710
58 Zone 58 4,692
61 Al Dafna Al Qassar 4,022

What team is Xavi coaching?

Al Sadd SCAssociation football manager, since 2019
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How many leagues are in Qatar?

There are currently 4 official amateur football leagues in Qatar. Three amateur leagues are under the jurisdiction of the Qatar Community Football League (QCFL), established by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, and the fourth, known as the Qatar Amateur League (QAL) is recognized by the QFA.

Where can I find Al Sadd in Qatar?

As one of the country’s oldest surviving mixed-use districts, the neighborhood is home to hundreds of families and residences, and several malls are also found in this vast neighborhood such as the Centrepoint Mall, Lulu Centre and Royal Plaza. The football team Al-Sadd and the Al-Sadd Sports Complex are located here.

Is there a metro station in Al Sadd Doha?

Doha Metro ‘s Gold Line, which officially opened on 21 November 2019, runs through Al Sadd in an east-to-west direction. Al Sadd Metro Station is located at the intersection of Al Sadd and C Ring Road, while the Joaan Metro Station is westward on Al Sadd Street.

Which is the main road in Al Sadd?

Major roads that run through the district are Al Sadd Street, Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Amir Street and Al Rayyan Road. Mowasalat is the official transport company in Qatar and serves the community through its operation of public bus routes. Al Sadd is served by one bus line which departs from Al Ghanim Bus Station.

Where is the football team Al Sadd located?

Al Sadd. Al Sadd (Arabic: السد‎) is a neighborhood of Doha, the capital city and the state of Qatar. The football team Al-Sadd and the Al-Sadd Sports Complex are located here.