Where can I see Born in East LA?

Where can I see Born in East LA?

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What was the budget for Born in East LA?

$18 million dollars
A low-budget film, Born in East LA ended up grossing close to $18 million dollars. More importantly, perhaps, it has since become a must-watch classic for Latinos.

What year was born in East LA made?

August 21, 1987 (USA)
Born in East L.A./Release date

Why is born East LA Rated R?

“Born in East L.A.,” rated R, contains profanity.

Is born in East LA streaming?

Watch Born in East L.A. on Netflix Today!

Is Born East LA on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video: Born in East L.A.

Is born in East LA on Netflix?

Born in East L.A. is not currently available to stream on Netflix.

Does Hulu have born in East LA?

Can I stream Born in East L.A. on Hulu? Born in East L.A. is not currently available to stream on Hulu.

Who are the actors in born in East L.A.?

Cast overview, first billed only: Cheech Marin Rudy Paul Rodriguez Javier Daniel Stern Jimmy Kamala Lopez Dolores Jan-Michael Vincent McCalister (as Jan Michael Vincent)

Who is Rudy from born in East L.A.?

Rudy Robles (Cheech Marin) is a mechanic born and raised in east L.A. He lives with his mother and sister’s family. They leave for Fresno while he’s told to pick up cousin Javier (Paul Rodriguez) at a factory. Rudy is picked up in an immigration sweep and deported to Mexico. He left his wallet at home.

Who is Cheech Marin’s mother in born in East L.A.?

Lupe Ontiveros plays Cheech Marin’s Mother in the movie. However Ontiveros was only 4 years older than Marin. See more » When Rudy is working as a tattoo artist, four “bullet hole” tattoos suddenly appear on his client’s forehead near the end of the scene.

Who are the immigrants in East Los Angeles?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, East Los Angeles became a popular immigrant destination. In the early 1900s, Russians, Jews, Japanese, and Mexicans all had a significant presence in the area.