Where are the upgrades in Megaman X2?

Where are the upgrades in Megaman X2?

The boots upgrade is found in Overdrive Ostrich’s stage. Just before the end of the stage you will see a dark colored wall on a ledge to the right above the last door of the stage. Use the Spin Wheel to destroy the wall to find the capsule. This upgrade will allow X to perform a dash in mid-air.

How do you use the sub tank in Megaman X2?

Climb the wall to the first landing, and then dash jump off of it to the right, hit the steel wall, and climb up to the top of it. Once there, walk to the right and jump the gap; you’ll run right into the Sub Tank.

How do you get an ARM upgrade in Megaman X2?

Arm Upgrade (double charge shot)edit Make X grab a hold of the smaller over hang using an air dash. Then let X slide off the small overhang and as soon as he lets go do another air dash to grab the longer overhang.

How do you get shoryuken in Megaman X2?

Mega Man X can learn the Shoryuken by entering the game’s secret capsule. In Mega Man X2 it is executed with →↓↘+ATTACK while X is at full health and on the ground. In the two Xtreme games it is executed by charging the X-Buster and holding ↑ before releasing the attack.

How do you beat serges in Megaman X2?

Use charged Sonic Slicers to defeat them as they come from below and hit him. You are safe on the platform of his machine. It’s hard to hit him head on but you can use normal Sonic Slicers too. Serges has been destroyed.

What is morph moth weakness?

He is vulnerable to flames, being weak to Speed Burner.

What is Agile weakness Mega Man X2?

Agile is easy to manipulate in this battle; the best strategy is to cling high on the wall, drop down to avoid his saber’s crescent beam, attack (the X-Buster will suffice), and then quickly climb back up, and repeat. His weakness in this battle is the Magnet Mine.

How do you beat Violen Megaman X2?

His weakness is Bubble Splash, but its short range makes it somewhat difficult to use. However, a charged Bubble Splash (you need X-Buster upgrade first) is more effective, since it will constantly shield you and damage anything it hits.

What is the boss order in Mega Man X2?

Mega Man X2

  • Wheel Gator (Dinosaur Tank)
  • Bubble Crab (Deep-Sea Base)
  • Flame Stag (Volcanic Zone)
  • Morph Moth (Robot Junkyard)
  • Magna Centipede (Central Computer)
  • Crystal Snail (Energen Crystal)
  • Overdrive Ostrich (Desert Base)
  • Violen (Sigmas Fortress)

Where do you get the heart tank in Mega Man X2?

Near the end of the stage, you see a Heart Tank sitting on spikes, stand just before where the spikes are, charge up the Speed Burner, and then do the air dash, and finally release the Speed Burner to get the Heart Tank. You will die after getting it.

Where do you get the fifth heart in Mega Man XZ?

The fifth heart is in Magna Centipede’s stage. You will need the Speed Burner and X-Buster upgrade to reach this. At the start of the level where there are two of the yellow spotlights covering an area, dodge the lights so that the gun turrets will not fall down.

Where do you Find X Hunters in Mega Man X2?

The X-Hunters are special Mavericks that appear after the player beats their second Maverick. They will each teleport you to a different stage and within each of the stages will be a second boss room that will only be open if an X-Hunter is present. When the player beats one of the X-Hunters, they will receive one of Zero’s pieces.

Where are the body upgrades in Mega Man X?

Each will help tweak Mega Man stats with either permanently increasing health, increase abilities or help to refill health bars at opportune moments. Scattered throughout the 8 stages are hidden body upgrade capsules that will need you to perform special tricks to find them.