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When did Lauren Harries appear on Celebrity Big Brother?

When did Lauren Harries appear on Celebrity Big Brother?

In November 2008, Harries was featured as a cover girl in the specialist lifestyle magazine Transliving. In August 2013, Harries became a housemate on the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother. She finished in third place. In September 2013, she appeared on Celebrity Juice. Her debut single “I Am a Woman” was released in January 2015.

How old was Lauren Harries when she appeared on after dark?

Harries appearing on After Dark on 23 March 1991, aged 13. Harries began making television appearances in August 1988 on Terry Wogan’s chat show, Wogan. The then ten-year-old demonstrated a good knowledge of antiques. At 13, Harries wrote an antique guide, Rags to Riches.

Who is Lauren Harries and what is she known for?

Lauren Harries. This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 22 September 2019. Lauren Charlotte Harries (born James Charles Harries; 6 March 1978) is a British television personality. As a child, she was known for her knowledge of antiques, appearing on numerous television shows including After Dark and Wogan.

Who was responsible for the attack on Lauren Harries?

Funding for this was generated from publicity arranged by Max Clifford. On 8 July 2005, a group of five to seven men attacked Harries, her father and her brother in the family home. One 17-year-old boy was later fined and given a supervision order for his role in the incident.

When did Lauren Goodger enter Celebrity Big Brother?

In August 2014, Goodger entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the fourteenth series of the show. Goodger was one of the original cast members of the reality television programme The Only Way Is Essex. The first two series of the show mostly evolved around Goodger’s relationship with her boyfriend Mark Wright.

Who was the winner of Big Brother 13?

Big Brother 13 (UK) is the thirteenth edition of the UK edition of Big Brother. The season began on June 5th,2012 and finished August 13,2012, with Luke Anderson coming out as the winner, with Adam Kelly and Deana Uppal finishing as the runner-up and third place finalist respectively.

Is there a Canadian version of Big Brother?

Though not an actual spin-off, the Canadian edition of the series is the first and currently only series to adopt the American format of Big Brother.