What was the worst score in Super Bowl history?

What was the worst score in Super Bowl history?

This game remains the most lopsided in Super Bowl history. San Francisco’s 55 points were the most ever scored by one team, and their 45-point margin of victory was the largest ever….Super Bowl XXIV.

San Francisco 49ers (1) (NFC) (14–2) Denver Broncos (1) (AFC) (11–5)
55 10
Head coach: George Seifert Head coach: Dan Reeves

Did Super Bowl 55 have bad calls?

TAMPA, Fla. — Just when it felt like the Chiefs were gaining momentum in Super Bowl 55, there seemed to be yellow laundry on the turf at Raymond James Stadium. An offsides call later in the half gave Tampa a first down after it appeared the Chiefs held them to a field goal.

Why was Super Bowl 55 so bad?

The biggest reason viewership was down this year was because the game was completely unwatchable for most of the second half. Regular-season NFL ratings were down 7% from last season. The Super Bowl rating was down about 9%. But the network knows that if the game isn’t compelling, viewership is going to take a hit.

What was the craziest Super Bowl?

Top 10 Super Bowls of all time

  • Super Bowl 13 (1979): Steelers 35, Cowboys 31.
  • Super Bowl 43 (2009): Steelers 27, Cardinals 23.
  • Super Bowl 3 (1969): Jets 16, Colts 7.
  • Super Bowl 36 (2002): Patriots 20, Rams 17.
  • Super Bowl 34 (2000): Rams 23, Titans 16.
  • Super Bowl 49 (2015): Patriots 28, Seahawks 24.

What was the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever?

The highest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history is Super Bowl 29 (XXIX) which took place on Jan. 29, 1995. The San Francisco 49ers beat the San Diego Chargers, 49-26, combining for a record 75 total points.

How many drops did the Chiefs have in Super Bowl?

Chiefs receivers drop 2 of the best passes of Patrick Mahomes’ career in stunning Super Bowl loss. Patrick Mahomes was far from his all-world self during Sunday’s Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But he didn’t get much help from his pass catchers.

What went wrong Chiefs?

The Chiefs went 3 of 13 on third downs and struggled to establish drives. Among the issues that plagued the Chiefs offense were offensive line play, a middling running game, particularly early in the game, and dropped passes. The Chiefs also gave up three sacks, as Bowles’ defense kept Mahomes under constant pressure.

How many passes did the Chiefs drop in the Super Bowl?

Mahomes was completely let down by his supporting cast in this one, having 30 pressures allowed and three dropped passes by his teammates, while Brady was greatly supported by his supporting cast, with four pressures allowed and zero dropped passes.

What was the worst call in Super Bowl history?

Yet, in the biggest sporting event each year, the Super Bowl, we all hope that the outcome isn’t affected by the zebras. Unfortunately, a few instances have shown that just one bad call can cost a team the Lombardi Trophy—and these are the eight worst calls in Super Bowl history. 8. Did Victor Cruz Really Fumble? – Super Bowl XLVI

Is the referee supposed to be flawless during the Superbowl?

Although we all think that referees are supposed to be flawless while they call a game, anyone who watches a lot of sports knows that that’s just not case—nor realistic for anyone to actually do. Yet, in the biggest sporting event each year, the Super Bowl, we all hope that the outcome isn’t affected by the zebras.

Who was the ref for Super Bowl XL?

RENTON, Wash. — Saying “I’ll go to my grave” with regret, NFL referee Bill Leavy reopened a Seattle Seahawks wound that won’t heal by acknowledging he made mistakes in the team’s disputed Super Bowl XL loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers four years ago.

What did referee Hochuli say about Super Bowl?

“The Super Bowl was one of those games where it seemed the big calls went against Seattle,” Hochuli said in August 2006. “And that was just fortuitous — bad fortuitous for Seattle.