What was the biggest Meme in 2016?

What was the biggest Meme in 2016?

The 20 Biggest Memes of 2016

  • Damn Daniel. Know Your Meme.
  • Drake ‘Views’ Meme. Know Your Meme.
  • Pepe the Frog. Know Your Meme.
  • Garlic Bread Memes. Know Your Meme.
  • DJ Khaled. Know Your Meme.
  • Bernie and Hillary. Know Your Meme.
  • Harambe. Know Your Meme.
  • Arthur’s Fist. Know Your Meme.

What was the meme of 2016?

1. Arthur. Arthur’s clenched fist is probably the most understated but relatable meme of 2016.

What is the most viewed Meme Ever?

The Ten Most Popular Memes of All Time

  • LOLCats.
  • Squinting Fry.
  • Success Kid.
  • Interestingly, the story of this meme goes a bit deeper.
  • Trump Signs an Executive Order.
  • Scumbag Steve.
  • Evil Kermit.
  • Grumpy Cat.

Where can I find the most memes?

Here are the best places to find GIFs, memes, and short videos online that’ll bring a spark of life to your writing.

  1. GIPHY.
  2. Reddit.
  3. Know Your Meme.
  4. IMgur.
  5. GIFbin.
  6. Tumblr.
  7. IMGflip.
  8. Tenor.

What’s the deal with harambe?

On May 28, 2016, a three-year-old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden where he was grabbed and dragged by Harambe, a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla. Fearing for the boy’s life, a zoo worker shot and killed Harambe.

Who is Uganda knuckles?

Who is Knuckles? He is a video game character affiliated with the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, becoming popular enough to earn top billing with Sega’s flagship star in Sonic & Knuckles.

Where can I find free memes?

Top 10 Places to Create Free Memes for Your Social Media Stream

  1. MemeGenerator.Net. MemeGenerator.Net is one of the best tools out there for creating your own memes.
  2. QuickMeme.
  3. I Can Haz Cheezburger Building.
  4. Imgur.
  5. LiveMeme.
  6. MemeDad.
  7. Meme Center.
  8. MSPaint.

How do you make a meme go viral?

Memes are hilarious, easy to create, and packaged perfectly for earning viral shares on social media channels….Memes Are More Than Hilarious

  1. Consider Your Audience Carefully.
  2. Do Background Research.
  3. Pick a Hot Meme.
  4. Get to Work.
  5. Honor the Meme.
  6. Get Your Co-Workers Involved.
  7. Bask in Your Newfound Fame.

Why was harambe killed?

Why was Harambe killed? Fearing for the child’s life, the zoo’s response team shot and killed Harambe, according to Maynard. Maynard said though Harambe didn’t attack the child, the animal’s size and strength posed a great danger.