What size is a vi filter?

What size is a vi filter?

Contains: 2 Type VI filter cartridges for the Coleman SaluSpa (models 54131E and 13804)…Specifications.

Brand Coleman
Assembled Product Weight 0.4 oz
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.30 x 4.17 x 4.17 Inches

What size filter does a Coleman Spa take?

Keep your spa water clear and clean with a Coleman® Filter Cartridge Type VI. This replacement cartridge measures 4.2” x 3.1” (10.6 cm x 8 cm) and is designed for Coleman’s line of inflatable hot tub spas….Specifications.

Brand Coleman
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.17 x 4.17 x 6.30 Inches

What filter does Coleman SaluSpa use?

Bestway SaluSpa Replacement Cartridge Give your Bestway SaluSpa Spa its best performance by using these genuine SaluSpa Filter Cartridges Type – VI. Filter the water in your spa to keep it attractive and refreshing all season, it is recommended to change the filter regularly.

Are S1 and VI filters the same?

they appear to be the same. Answer: measure the filter you have, then compare to the S1. Most local stores carry the S1, if you can compare them there.

How do I add chemicals to my inflatable hot tub?

You only need to put one 3-inch chlorine tablet into the plastic chemical floater, and drop the floater into the hot tub water. The tablets are slow dissolving, so the chlorine will gradually spread through the water and start to work. Therefore, you will need to wait at least 2 hours before you get into the hot tub.

How do I know what spa filter I need?

Measure the hole diameter from edge to edge ignoring any slots or tapered parts. Ignoring slots and taper will give you the smallest measurement for the inner diameter which is what you need. On filters with an open end on one side and a closed end on the other there is an important thing to note.

How often do you need to change hot tub filter?

Hot Tub Filters should last a minimum of 1 year and generally speaking a maximum of 2 years. If a filter is maintained and cleaned regularly then it will last longer.

Can I soak my hot tub filter in bleach?

Bleach as a DIY Hot Tub Cleaner Using a combination of bleach and water will leave your filter looking clean and sterilized. This may be helpful if you haven’t cleaned your filter in a while or is particularly dirty.

How often should I change my lazy spa filter?

It is recommended the filters are changed every 3 days. Make sure to clean the filter after each use. How long will my Lay Z Spa last?

When to use a Lay z spa filter cartridge?

Lay-Z-Spa filter cartridge can be used as a direct replacement if your filter cartridge is clogged up or working inefficiently. It is essential that your pump has a working cartridge in order to clear debris and maintain clean water. Without one, water quality will deteriorate Filter cartridges are also great Lay-Z-Spa spares.

Which is the best type of Coleman saluspa filter?

Type VI Spa Filters Replacements for Coleman SaluSpa Filters 90352E, 58323E, 58323, Bestway Lay-Z-Spa, POOLPURE PLF-INTV1, VI Filters for Inflatable Hot Tub, Swimming Pool Pump Filter Cartridge, 6Pack 5.0 out of 5 stars5 $45.99$45.99

What kind of filter cartridge is Bestway 58323?

SKQC Type VI Filter Cartridge for Bestway Lay-Z-Spa 58323 Pool Filter Pump, Replacement Cartridge for Coleman SaluSpa 90352E, Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge (2PCS) $13.98$13.98 FREE Shipping Only 18 left in stock – order soon.

Can a Lay-z spa pump work with an Intex pump?

I was told that intex and Lay-Z spa are cross compatible but this does not fit in our Intex spa pump. This filter is about 5 mm too long and the hole in the centre is slightly bigger than the proper S1 filters from intex. Pages with related products.