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What should you put on your business card when looking for a job?

What should you put on your business card when looking for a job?

Today’s job seekers have the opportunity to present more than just the basic contact information traditionally included with business cards. A business card provided by your employer will include your name, job title, employer, phone number, and email address.

How can I make business cards without a job?

Put the name of your employer if you are currently employed. If you are currently unemployed, you can leave this field blank, or write “Formerly @ [your former company’s name]”. (If you’re feeling bold, you could even put something like “Future [Insert Your Company Here] Employee!”)

How do you write your title on a business card?

Business Card Title Format It should be printed in the largest font on your business cards. When it comes to business card title etiquette, you should include your title after your company name or your name. This is the second most important piece of information, and should stand out as well.

Are personal business cards worth it?

Personal business cards are an essential item to have if you’re interested in growing your network and building your personal brand. Doing so will not only provide you with career insights but also serve as a highly valuable networking opportunity — so get those personal business cards ready!

When should I make business cards?

That being said, there are certain circumstances in which personal business cards are particularly applicable: You’re seeking a new job (or are open to new opportunities) You have a side-hustle or do freelance work (or would like to) You’d like to expand your network and build your personal brand (more on this to come)

Should you bring business cards to an interview?

As a job seeker, business cards are great for networking and interviewing. Your business card should include your name, job title, email, phone number and any other contact information you think is important. Give your card to your interviewer, or anyone else you talk to about the job.

Should you put title on business card?

Your title is important, but it’s also not set in stone. Yes, you might print business cards and put your job title on your business website, but you can always change your mind if you find something that better fits your role.

What should I put on my business card as a student?

If you’re a student or a recent grad, you’re probably wondering what it should say. “Normal” business cards usually include name, title, contact information and the company logo. Since your current title is technically “job-seeker” and you’re not working for a company that will provide you with cards, you’ll have to be a tad more creative.

What should I put on a business card for my dream job?

Be sure to include your basic contact information: your full name, phone number, and email address. If you are currently employed, include your job title and company name. Now that you have developed a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, you should also include your LinkedIn URL and Twitter handle.

What kind of business cards do job seekers need?

There are two kinds of job seeker business cards. Resume cards, also called mini-resume cards, are exactly what you’d imagine: a small version of your resume. If you think cutting your resume down to one page is hard, these might be a bigger challenge.

What to put on a business card instead of a job title?

Instead, of a job title, include a broad description of your work, such as writer, accountant, marketing professional, designer, etc. If you use a two-sided card, you will be able to include additional information and avoid cluttering the front of the card.