What should I post on a beauty blog?

What should I post on a beauty blog?

Monthly Content Ideas for Your Beauty Blog

  1. Product Reviews. Product reviews are a great way to connect with your readers and show them that you care about the products you share with them.
  2. Hauls. Hauls are another popular type of content for beauty and fashion blogs and vlogs.
  3. Makeup Looks.
  4. Empties.
  5. Monthly Favorites.

How do bloggers get such good photos?

7 ways to take better photos for your blog + social media

  1. Create an image template first.
  2. Take photos during the day.
  3. The white background photo.
  4. Look for things with your brand colors.
  5. Use a selfie stick.
  6. Shoot video.
  7. Shoot from a bunch of different angles.
  8. Most importantly – edit.

How do I make my beauty blog successful?

  1. Name Your Blog. The first thing to do when you start a beauty blog is to name it!
  2. Choose A Platform. If you want to start a successful beauty blog, I highly recommend starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.
  3. Install A Theme.
  4. Create Your Brand.
  5. Start Posting.
  6. Promote On Social Media.

How do you make a beauty topic?

Beauty Tips For Skin And Hair

  1. Know your skin type and how it responds to the weather.
  2. Learn to treat your doshas.
  3. Bathe your skin with milk.
  4. Use A Dry Brush To Scrub Your Skin While Bathing.
  5. Use Aloe Vera On Face On A Daily Basis.
  6. Learn To Give Yourself A Massage With Oils.
  7. Apply Facial Oils.

How to keep your beauty blog looking good?

Whether you have a full stash of makeup or you prefer a minimalist approach, as a beauty blogger your makeup tips and looks are a fan favorite. Keep your makeup content fresh with product reviews, makeup looks, beauty secrets, and your own personal insights. There’s something special about freshly painted nails.

What are the best beauty blogs to read?

Beauty tips and product reviews from insiders and industry professionals geared towards the average modern woman. Articles cover all things beauty, from haircare to skincare, as well as diet, fitness, and wellness advice. Articles and advice covering the latest trends in skincare, haircare, and makeup with reviews of the latest popular products.

Can a beauty blog be based on a celebrity look?

Speaking of makeup looks, these are so popular with readers who want to master the art of makeup but aren’t sure how or which products to use. You can create looks based on makeup trends, celebrity makeup looks, or seasons — for example, a winter beauty look.

Who is the Best Makeup blogger to follow?

Why follow: Blogger Anna Gardner has been running Vivianna Does Makeup since about 2010. She currently has nearly 400,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and it’s easy to see why. She is a true makeup and beauty addict and offers up fantastic details about the products she reviews.