What should I name two female guinea pigs?

What should I name two female guinea pigs?

Girl guinea pig names

Alani Amaya Amber
Azura Blossom Bluebell
Boadicea Bubbles Butterscotch
Caramel Carmel Cinnamon
Cleo Cookie Daisy

What do you name a pair of guinea pigs?

Guinea Pig Pair Names

  • Gomez & Peri Peri.
  • Lars & Peaches.
  • Piggles & Spock.
  • Ulker & Dardenelle.

What are some cute girl guinea pig names?

Cute female guinea pig names

  • Tinkerbell.
  • Princess Buttercup.
  • Ariel.
  • Alice.
  • Sweetie.
  • Jasmine.
  • Penny.
  • Willow.

Is there 2 female guinea pigs?

As pets they are usually kept in pairs or trios of the same sex. Two females (sows) will live happily together, as will two males (boars), particularly if they are siblings. Two boars of different ages will usually get along together, as long as there are no females around.

Is 3 guinea pigs better than 2?

Guinea pigs are social pets and are therefore best kept in groups of two or more. This enables them to express their natural behaviour, and allows for all of their social needs to be met.

What are some good guinea pig names?

Some of these popular names are perfect for guinea pigs in general; others may just happen to suit your particular pet. Chomper. Chunky. Cookie. Curly (most appropriate for Abyssinian guinea pigs, which have curly fur) Abby. Domino (for black and white pets) Dumbo.

What are some funny pig names?

Funny guinea pig names. Guinea pigs are short and squat and most are quite furry – here are some fun names to reflect their body shape. Furball. Fluffy (Fluffball) Stumpy. Stubby. Abby (for Abyssinian , one breed of guinea pig ) Baird (for the hairless breed of guinea pig)

What is a good name for a girl pig?

Ariel Blossom Bluebell Cookie Cleo Ginger Giselle Pandora Poppy Sophie