What length driver shaft do pros use?

What length driver shaft do pros use?

That’s why the majority of drivers on the market today come with stock shafts that are either 45 or 45.5 inches in length. The PGA Tour, however, resides somewhere in the 44.5- to 45-inch range, with some players going considerably lower.

How long is Dustin Johnson’s driver shaft?

45.75 inches
Driver. SPECS TaylorMade SIM2, 10.5°, Fujikura Ventus Black proto 6X shaft, 45.75 inches.

Is a 43 inch driver too short?

A 43 inch driver is often easier to control than a 45 inch driver for many golfers, making it easier to swing and get accurate shots. A 45” driver is a better choice than a 43 inch driver for golfers who would like to have a golf club that not only has a big shaft but also a bigger, yet lighter clubhead.

How long is Bubba Watson’s driver?

Bubba Watson is known for his crazy shot shaping, fancy footwork and his bright pink headed driver. In terms of driver shaft, he usually plays a 44.5 inch driver in his Pink G20.

What happens if I shorten my driver shaft?

Shortening the shaft will make the club shorter but it will also make the shaft stiffer and adjust the swing weight as well. Plus, the more length you remove, the less flex your club will have. Depending on how much you cut it down, it could move a regular flex to a stiff or a stiff to an extra stiff.

How big is the shaft on a TaylorMade R7?

The much, much improved Fujikura REAX stock shaft. TaylorMade worked with Fujikura to custom-build this shaft for the new r7 clubheads. The TaylorMade r7 425 takes the r7 line from 400cc – the size of the 2005 r7 Quad – to 425cc. The 425cc clubhead puts the r7 425 right between the r7 Quad and the r5 Dual (450cc), both literally and in appearance.

What is the standard length of a driver shaft?

What is the Standard Driver Shaft Length The standard length for a male driver shaft used to be 43.5 inches for a steel shaft and 44 inches for a graphite club. However, in recent times, the standard driver length has been accepted as 45 inches.

Is the R7 425 TP a Reax shaft?

There is an area of the midsection of the shaft that is reinforced by two high-grade woven graphite strands. Meanwhile, the r7 425 TP version will have a different REAX shaft with Fujikura’s Rombax technology, which stretches the entire length of the shaft.

What kind of Reax shaft does TaylorMade R7 460 use?

If you are stepping up and playing the TP version (and ponying up the extra $400), it comes with 12 movable weights, providing even more flexibility and options. The r7 460 has two movable weights, one each towards the toe and heel of the head. The next big change is the introduction of a Fujikura REAX shaft.