What kind of motor is in a Club Car golf cart?

What kind of motor is in a Club Car golf cart?

Club Car has installed a 286 cc, single-cylinder, overhead valve, pressure-lubricated and air-cooled engine on its gas-model DS Player. The horsepower for the gas model is 9.5 at 3,600 rotations per minute.

How much is a new motor for a golf cart?

A rebuilt golf cart motor can cost anywhere between $300 and $500, while a brand new motor can cost between $600 and $1,000 without including the labor needed to install it.

What motor is in a 1993 Club Car golf cart?

The body material changed in ’93 to what Club Car calls “ArmorFlex”, a nearly indestructible thermoplastic resin. Under the hood things were new. In 1992 the old 341cc side valve Kawasaki engine was replaced by a new 286cc, 9hp Kawasaki overhead valve engine dubbed the FE 290 engine.

Are golf cart motors interchangeable?

The motors and controllers are in no way interchangeable between a series and separately excited system, so be sure to educate yourself prior to ordering.

What is the CC on a golf cart?

A measure of volume that signifies the size of a golf clubhead. The more cubic centimeters (or cc, for short), the larger the clubhead. Generally speaking, more cc equates to a broader hitting area and sweet spot, making a club more forgiving on mishits.

How long do golf cart motors last?

When properly taken care of, the typical gas or electric golf cart motor can last many, many years (20 to 30+).

Are golf carts easy to fix?

What if you find a problem with the motor housing or the armature? Unfortunately, these electric golf cart issues aren’t so easy to fix. You’re probably better off to replace the motor than trying to salvage what’s left of it.

What is Club Car IQ?

In 2002 Club Car came out with what they called the IQ system. It consists of a shunt wound motor/controller combination much like the older Regen 1 and Regen 2 (PowerDrive Plus) carts. If you have a Regen 1 or Regen 2 cart you can simply unplug the speed sensor and eliminate regenerative motor braking.

What does DCS stand for on golf cart?

For EZ-GO Regen carts, you must determine if it is a DCS (Drive Control System) or PDS (Power Drive System) cart. This can be determined by the type of Forward/Reverse switch and controller.

What does Regen mean on a golf cart?

Regenerative braking
Regenerative braking (usually called regen for short) is simply the act of turning a motor into a generator, so that it slows down the load it was previously driving.

Where is the electric motor on club cart?

Located under a panel at the back of your golf cart will be the electric motor. The panel will be held in place by four or six screws. Use your screwdriver to remove these, turning them counterclockwise.

Who makes club car motors?

Club Cars are made by Ingersoll Rand, which is the largest manufacturer of golf carts in the United States. Its latest gas-powered version I2L has a Kawasaki 11.5-horsepower engine with a tank that holds 6.7 gallons.

What is a club car?

Definition of club car. : a railroad passenger car with facilities for serving refreshments and drinks. — called also bar car, lounge car.

How fast is an electric golf cart?

The standard speed of a golf cart today is 12 to 14 miles per hour but many options are available to increase both the speed and power should you desire.