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What is the seed for the Badlands in Minecraft?

What is the seed for the Badlands in Minecraft?

Eroded Badlands Seed #1 This Minecraft seed spawns you in a Forest biome with an Abandoned Mineshaft nearby at coordinates (262,~,-4). If you travel to the North, you can find the Wooded Mountains. Or you can go to the East and find the Eroded Badlands with its large colorful spikes made out of terracotta.

What are Badlands Minecraft?

The badlands (commonly referred to and previously known as mesa) is a rare warm biome, featuring mounds of terracotta, coming in various colors. There are six different variants of the badlands biome.

What is the best seed in Minecraft 1.16 PS4?

Top 8 Best Bedrock Seeds 1.16. 5 for Minecraft in 2021 (Xbox One, PS4)

  1. The Pillager Challenge.
  2. A Gorgeous Start.
  3. Three Smiths’ Island.
  4. Rivers Intersecting at Spawn.
  5. Savanna Village Overlapping w/Dark Oak Forest.
  6. Hillside Savanna Village.
  7. Simple Start, Great Opportunities.
  8. Ocean Monuments Galore.

Where to find Minecraft Epic mountain cave seed?

it’s got a great jungle next to spawn, huge mountains and a really rare water cave, leading into a forest, The landscape would be perfect for a city and so on! and i do believe i found this seed, since i used random seed as i played, then checked the seed i got.

Are there any 1.2.5 seeds for Minecraft?

This 1.2.5 minecraft seed is called graduatedwithnocapingown or you can use the number 860713974 which is a bit shorter. This is a great seed for people who like a bit of a challenge, but like to have fun as well. It has… [Continue reading…] Minecraft Seeds | Old Spice By Minecraft SeedsMay 14, 2012All Posts, Minecraft 1.2.5 Seeds18 Comments

Where do you spawn a seed in Minecraft?

8173282897673080432 is a minecraft seed that spawns you on an island next to a village. I have not found very many seeds like this, usually the islands are fairly barren.

Where to find Minecraft 1.2.5 seed Old Spice?

The 1.2.5 minecraft seed Old Spice is great. To begin with you spawn near an NPC village that is almost entirely submerged in water. Its coordinates are X: 288 Z: 186. There is a blacksmiths building in the village… [Continue reading…]