What is the plot in The Marriage of Anansewa?

What is the plot in The Marriage of Anansewa?

The dramatic plot of The Marriage of Anansewa consists of the cunningness that Ananse displays to secure the most suitable husband for his daughter–who has reached the age of marriage–from a list of four ethnic chiefs invited to formally ask for her hand.

What is the subject matter in The Marriage of Anansewa?

The Marriage of Anansewaa is a celebration of energy, where Ananse uses his energy to become wealthy on the gullibility of the four chiefs.

Who are the characters in The Marriage of Anansewa?

folktales comprising a wife (Asɔ), four sons (Ntekuma, Afurudohwedohwe, Tikenenkene and Nyankorɔnhweaa) and sometimes unnamed in-laws, Sutherland creates a daughter (Anansewa), a mother (Aya), an aunt (Ekuwa) and a lover (Christie) for Ananse.

How significant is the role of storyteller in The Marriage of Anansewa?

As is typical with the storyteller/narrator of the Anansesem, the storyteller in The Marriage of Anansewa controls all the events in the drama. He explains events, prepares us for future scenes, comments on the behaviours of characters, engages the actors and the audience and even participates in the action.

What makes the marriage of Anansewa an oral literature?

Drawing on the Ghanaian tradition of Anansesem (Ananse stories), a body of tales based on the trickster figure, Ananse, her play, The Marriage of Anansewa , preserves elements of oral literature such as the storyteller, the participation of the audience, choruses, song and dance.

In which year was the marriage of Anansewa published?

The Marriage of Anansewa/Originally published
Efua Theodora Sutherland (27 June 1924 – 21 January 1996) was a Ghanaian playwright, director, dramatist, children’s author, poet, educationalist, researcher, child advocate, and cultural activist. Her works include the plays Foriwa (1962), Edufa (1967), and The Marriage of Anansewa (1975).

What is Mboguo?

Storytelling/Songs A story in local parlance ‘Anansesem’ (Ananse’s story) usually has musical performances called ‘mboguo’. They are songs craftily composed and sung in the course of the storytelling which are performed as the play enfolds.

What is Ghanaian literature?

Ghanaian literature is traditionally based on oral literature as most histories and stories were passed on by spoken word through song, poetry and folktales.