What is the newest Linux Kernel?

What is the newest Linux Kernel?

Linux kernel

Tux the penguin, mascot of Linux
Linux kernel 3.0.0 booting
Latest release 5.13.8 (4 August 2021) [±]
Latest preview 5.14-rc4 (1 August 2021) [±]

What does the kernel in the Linux OS do?

The Linux® kernel is the main component of a Linux operating system (OS) and is the core interface between a computer’s hardware and its processes. It communicates between the 2, managing resources as efficiently as possible.

How often is a new Linux Kernel released?

every 2-3 months
New mainline kernels are released every 2-3 months. Stable. After each mainline kernel is released, it is considered “stable.” Any bug fixes for a stable kernel are backported from the mainline tree and applied by a designated stable kernel maintainer.

Why is the Linux kernel so good?

Due to the simple organisation of the operating system, it also means that it is extremely scalable. The operating system can, and does, work on any size computer from embedded IoT devices to, as of this month, the top 500 supercomputers.

Is Linux Kernel written in C?

Linux kernel development started in 1991, and it is also written in C. The next year, it was released under the GNU license and was used as part of the GNU Operating System.

What’s the latest version of Linux kernel 5.3?

For instance, Linux 5.3 introduces early support for AMD Navi GPUs, makes 16 million new IPv4 addresses available, and is compatible with Intel Speed Select used in Intel Xeon servers.

Who is the author of Linux kernel 5.3?

Now that Linux kernel 5.3 is officially released we take a quick look at the new and notable changes this kernel update brings. Linux 5.3 was announced by Linus Torvalds on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (lkml) in the founder’s trademark modest style.

Is the Linux kernel included in nitrux 1.3.5?

The Nitrux desktop 1.3.5 brings a handful of updates across the operating system. The Linux Kernel 5.4.75 is included in Nitrux 1.3.5 while you can get the non-LTS Kernel 5.9.10 from the repository. Nitrux Linux is totally free from Snap.

Is there a kernel update for Ubuntu 20.04?

Ubuntu 20.04, due in April, will include a kernel version later than 5.4 (and that kernel update should find its way back to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS through the Hardware Enablement Stack). You can install a mainline kernel on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Linux distributions but it is not recommended.