What is the name of long dinosaur?

What is the name of long dinosaur?

The longest dinosaur was Argentinosaurus, which measured over 40 metres, as long as four fire engines. It was part of the titanosaur group of dinosaurs.

How many Parasaurolophus have been found?

These dinos roamed the earth during the late Cretaceous period, about 76-73 million years ago. There are actually three distinct species of Parasaurolophus, varying slightly in crest size, but mostly had similar characteristics. The names of these species were P….

Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous

What is special about the Parasaurolophus?

Parasaurolophus had narrow beak, robust body, well-developed arms and strong legs. The most prominent feature on the body was backward-oriented, curved, tubular crest on the head. Together with crest, head was nearly 6-feet-long. Name “Parasaurolophus” means “near crested lizard” due to unusual crest on the head.

How long is a Parasaurolophus?

10 – 11 m

Can I buy a dinosaur fossil?

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What dinosaur had a long head?

Parasaurolophus was a hadrosaurid, part of a diverse family of Cretaceous dinosaurs known for their range of bizarre head adornments. This genus is known for its large, elaborate cranial crest, which at its largest forms a long curved tube projecting upwards and back from the skull.

What dinosaur has the longest neck?

A: “Long neck” is a term used in the movie The Land Before Time to refer to what they loosely drew as apatosaurus, also known as brontosaurus, by the looks of it. The longest necked dinosaurs were the giant plant-eaters, the sauropods which included apatosaurus and particularly mamenchisaurus .

What do dinosaurs have a long neck?

Apatosaurus. Apatosaurus used its peg-like teeth to strip leaves from bushes or trees.

  • Diplodocus is herbivorous dinosaur that had four strong legs with super-long neck.
  • Brachiosaurus. Its name was from Greek language means “arm lizard”.
  • Camarasaurus.
  • Alamosaurus.