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What is the difference between a functional medicine doctor and an integrative medicine doctor?

What is the difference between a functional medicine doctor and an integrative medicine doctor?

While functional medicine focuses on creating individualized therapies tailored to treat underlying causes of illness, integrative medicine seeks to understand the individual as a whole and applies many forms of therapy to improve wellness.

Is integrative medicine the same as alternative medicine?

Complementary medicine is used together with mainstream medical care. An example is using acupuncture to help with side effects of cancer treatment. When health care providers and facilities offer both types of care, it is called integrative medicine. Alternative medicine is used instead of mainstream medical care.

What does an integrative medicine doctor do?

Integrative medicine is a holistic medical discipline which takes into account the lifestyle habits of a patient. The physician works to treat the whole person rather than just the disease. The mind, body, and soul of a patient are taken into consideration to promote healing and well-being.

Are integrative doctors real doctors?

Integrative physicians are licensed medical doctors who have an integrative approach to healthcare. This involves combining conventional treatments and CAM. Integrative medicine is meant to be used with traditional medical care.

Where is the best integrative medicine in Long Island?

As one of the leading centers in Long Island, New York, for internal medicine and integrative medicine, Evia Medical Center offers a superior level of medical care in Smithtown, New York. The highly trained team practices a holistic approach with a special emphasis on functional medicine and acupuncture.

Where to find a holistic doctor in Long Island?

Please browse the site using the navigation bar at the top of the page and the buttons below, and visit Heart And Health Medical to learn more. We have locations in Babylon, Massapequa, Middle Island, and Plainview, Long Island. Find a Holistic Medical Provider Near you.

Who is the best integrative doctor for weight loss?

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