What is the best definition of choreography?

What is the best definition of choreography?

1 : the art of symbolically representing dancing. 2a : the composition and arrangement of dances especially for ballet. b : a composition created by this art.

How would you describe choreography?

Choreography is the art or practice of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies (or their depictions) in which motion or form or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself. In dance, choreography is also known as dance choreography or dance composition.

What makes good choreography?

*lyrical sense: familiarity with the music that allows the choreographer to convey meaning to the audience through the dancer(s) without beating them over the head with it, so to speak; *a good understanding of their dancer(s) ability and potential; *a prodigious movement vocabulary.

What is choreography example?

For example, a score might direct one dancer to withdraw from another dancer, who in turn is directed to avoid the withdrawal, or it might specify a sequence of movements that are to be executed in an improvised manner over the course of a musical phrase, as in contra dance choreography.

What is the meaning of choreographies?

n. 1. the art of composing ballets and other dances and planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers. 2. the movements, steps, and patterns composed for a dance, piece of music, show, etc.

What’s the meaning of choreographed?

transitive verb. 1 : to compose the choreography of choreograph a ballet. 2 : to arrange or direct the movements, progress, or details of a carefully choreographed meeting. intransitive verb. : to engage in choreography.

What are the 3 dance processes?

The choreographic process may be divided for analytical purposes (the divisions are never distinct in practice) into three phases: gathering together the movement material, developing movements into dance phrases, and creating the final structure of the work.

What skills do you need to be a professional dancer?


  • a thorough knowledge of dance and its related issues.
  • physical fitness, stamina and perseverance.
  • motivation and discipline.
  • communication and interpersonal skills.
  • creativity.
  • resilience.
  • confidence and self-belief.
  • adaptability to the different disciplines of TV, film and theatre.

Which is the best definition of the word choreography?

1. the art of composing dances for the stage, especially in conceiving and realizing the movements of the dancers. 2. the technique of representing dance movements through a notational scheme. 3. the art of dancing. Also called choregraphy, orchesography. — choreographer, n. — choreographic, adj.

What kind of choreography does OK Go use?

OK Go Use Their Illusion Alt-pop band OK Go is no stranger to single-take music videos with impressive choreography. Sure, her gee-golly choreography is unbearable cute, but watch her eyes. Fokine created the choreography of L’Oiseau de Feu section by section, as the music was handed to him.

What’s the difference between a ballet and a choreo?

cho·re·og·ra·phy dancing, esp. ballet dancing the arrangement or the written notation of the movements of a dance, esp. a ballet the art of devising dances, esp. ballets

Which is the best definition of the art of dance?

the art of composing ballets and other dances and planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers. the technique of representing the various movements in dancing by a system of notation. the arrangement or manipulation of actions leading up to an event: the choreography of a surprise birthday party. “EVERYDAY” VS.