What is preputial stenosis?

What is preputial stenosis?

Stenosis of the preputial cavity resulting from scar contraction may follow preputial injury or surgery. This stenosis may be severe enough to result in phimosis, the inability to extend the penis. Other causes of phimosis may include a congenitally short penis or penile deviation, which are discussed elsewhere.

How do you fix phimosis in dogs?

Phimosis caused by a stricture (narrowing of the preputial open- ing with scar tissue) or by a tumor is treated with surgery. Surgery consists of enlarging the opening of the prepuce and removal of any scar tissue or tumors. Without surgery, a severe and painful infection of the prepuce may become a chronic problem.

What does Preputial mean?

: foreskin also : a similar fold of skin investing the clitoris.

Why does my dog have smegma?

A small amount of yellowish-white or even slightly green-tinged discharge can collect around the opening to a dog’s prepuce. This is called smegma and is normal. The canine penis is rigid even when not erect due to the presence of a bone called the “os penis.”

What is a Frenulum?

Frenulum. The frenulum is where your foreskin meets the underside of your penis. It looks like a small V just below the head. Usually part of it remains after circumcision. And for many people, it’s very sensitive.

Can male dogs have discharge?

Preputial discharge is common in the male dog. In health, it is referred to as smegma, and represents an accumulation of sloughed cells and glycoproteins within the preputial sheath. Its amount and color vary between individual patients.

How do you get rid of phimosis without surgery?

In this conservative (non-surgical) treatment approach, a steroid cream is applied to the tip of the foreskin twice a day over a period of four to eight weeks. The steroid cream makes it easier to stretch the skin. After two weeks, the child or his parents can start trying to gradually stretch the foreskin once a day.

What does smegma look like in dogs?

Is it OK to have frenulum?

The small tag of skin on the underside of your penis, between your foreskin and the shaft of your penis, is called the frenulum or banjo string. The frenulum is sometimes tight and can tear, usually during sex. Sometimes, the tear may not heal properly and your penis may become torn again in the same place.

When does subaortic stenosis occur in a dog?

Subaortic stenosis is a problem that affects dogs and is rare in cats. It most commonly occurs in large-breed dogs. Subaortic stenosis appears to be genetic in origin; the first signs of it may be present at birth (moderate or severe cases) or may appear in the first year of life (usually milder cases).

Can a golden retriever have congenital preputial stenosis?

Congenital preputial stenosis has been observed in a litter of mixed breed dogs and in multiple related Golden Retriever litters, which suggests that this condition may be heritable (Johnston, 1989). Paraphimosis is the presence of an engorged or edematous penis that cannot be retracted into the preputial sheath (Fig. 28-2).

What causes spinal stenosis in a German Shepherd?

Causes of Spinal Stenosis in Dogs Spinal stenosis is a degenerative disease so this means it develops as a dog ages. It is thought that genetics may play a role in this disease, especially in German Shepherds, but some dogs are born with abnormally shaped vertebrae which can lead to spinal stenosis.

What kind of dog has pulmonic stenosis?

This congenital disorder is most often identified in brachyocephalic (e.g. bulldogs, Boston terriers), terriers (Jack Russel terriers), Samoyeds, and Labrador retrievers. Other breeds can also be affected such as boxers and Newfoundlands.