What is Palkia special move?

What is Palkia special move?

Spacial Rend
Spacial Rend is a Dragon-type move introduced in Generation IV. It is the signature move of Palkia.

What moves does Palkia learn?

Moves learnt by level up

Lv. Move Type
64 Aqua Tail Water
72 Earth Power Ground
80 Spacial Rend Dragon
88 Hydro Pump Water

What is the best held item for Palkia?

Lustrous Orb is Palkia’s best item for this set. It gives Palkia’s Water- and Dragon-type moves a x1. 2 boost. Life Orb gives Palkia more power and versatility, but at the cost of 10% of Palkia’s health per attack.

Can you catch both dialga and palkia in platinum?

Can I catch both Dialga and Palkia? If you have Platinum, you can get both. But if you have Diamond or Pearl, only one of the two. No, you have to complete story mode first, then you can catch Dialga and Palkia.

Is palkia stronger than Mewtwo?

Palkia and Dialga would probably both be able to beat Mewtwo on their own. Palkia with its control over space, and Dialga with its control over time. Furthermore, if Mewtwo managed to get a single hit on Dialga, all it would have to do is reverse time to get the better of Mewtwo’s strategy.

Is palkia good or evil?

Palkia serves as an anti-villain in the Post Story, where he is manipulated by Cresselia (really Darkrai in disguise) into killing the player and their partner for causing distortions in space for returning from the future.

Is Draco Meteor a legacy move?

9 Draco Meteor – Dragonite A Dragonite that has legacy moves (and Dragonite has a lot) can be downright scary in battle. One of the best of these is the charge move Draco Meteor. This move is just as powerful as Hyper Beam, but a fraciton of a second faster on recovery time.

Can you get palkia in Platinum?

Palkia and Dialga can be caught in Pokemon Platinum after defeating the Elite Four.

What kind of moves can Palkia learn in Generation 4?

Below are all the moves that Palkia can learn in Generation 4, which consists of: 1 Pokémon Diamond 2 Pokémon Pearl 3 Pokémon Platinum 4 Pokémon HeartGold 5 Pokémon SoulSilver More

Where do you get Palkia in Pokemon Diamond?

Palkia learns the following moves in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl at the levels specified. Lv. Cat. Palkia does not learn any moves by breeding in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. Cat. Palkia is compatible with these Hidden Machines in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Cat. Palkia is compatible with these Technical Machines in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Cat.

Which is the best move for Palkia in Smogon?

Hydro Pump is Palkia’s most powerful option for a Water-type STAB move and is strong enough to cleanly OHKO offensive Ho-Oh and 2HKO Geomancy Xerneas. Furthermore, Hydro Pump threatens a 2HKO on most bulky Steel-types that may try to switch in on a Dragon-type move.

Which is the most powerful special attack for Palkia?

Defensively, Palkia is one of the very few Pokemon who can take a Choice Specs Water Spout from Kyogre, which is proclaimed as the most powerful special attack in Ubers. The typing gives Palkia resistances to Water-, Fire-, and Steel-type moves, while leaving Dragon-type moves as its lone weakness.