What is Outlook error 0X800CCC78?

What is Outlook error 0X800CCC78?

Outlook is not correctly configured to authenticate when sending email. Click the check box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication, and verify that the circle-box Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected. …

How do I fix error 0x80042108?

You should try them one by one.

  1. Fix #1 – Restart Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Fix #2 – Reinstall Microsoft Office.
  3. Fix #3 – Remove and Re-create Email Account.
  4. Fix #4 – Disable Antivirus Program.
  5. Fix #5 – Uninstall/Remove Antivirus Program.
  6. Fix #6 – System Restore.
  7. Fix #7 – Check the Default Gateway.
  8. Fix #8 – Repair Corrupt System Files.

How do I fix error 0x800CCC80?

Follow the below resolution steps to fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC80 – None of the authentication method supported.

  1. Launch Outlook in the computer, click on Files and select Account settings.
  2. Once the settings are opened, choose the option email account. You will get an option Change. Click on it.

What is error 0x80042108?

The Outlook 0x80042108 error usually occurs when you have incorrectly typed the name of the POP3 email server or because you do not have access to the Internet. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)”.

How do I fix error 0X800CCC0E?

Resolving the IMAP error -0X800CCC0E in MS Outlook

  1. Check the Internet Connection.
  2. Check the settings for the Email Account in Outlook.
  3. Delete email messages if they look suspicious.
  4. Check the antivirus application & disable it.
  5. Check firewall configurations.
  6. Start Outlook in Safe Mode.

What is Relay Access Denied outlook?

Relay Accessed Denied is a common email error. It means that the server is not allowing an email to be sent to another mail server. The sender did not authenticate to the outgoing mail server. The recipients server has determined the senders server to be a source of spam, or that it had failed security checks.

How do I fix an error in Outlook?

12 Tips to Fix Outlook Outlook Error 0x80040610

  1. 1 Assure your internet connection.
  2. 2 Verify Outlook email account settings.
  3. 3 Delete Suspected Message from Mailbox.
  4. 4 Review firewall settings and disable email scanning with Anti-Virus program.
  5. 5 Repair your Outlook or Outlook Express.

What is error 0x800ccc1a?

Outlook error 0x800ccc1a occurs when there is an issue about Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It is typically due to the wrong port number specified to POP3 or SMTP servers. This error does not allow you to perform tasks like sending and opening emails on your Outlook client.

How do I fix synchronization error in Outlook?

To fix this, you will have to create a new OST file and try to re-synchronize all the folders. For this, you have to first rename the old OST file, create a new one and then synchronize the new . pst file with the Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox. By doing this, your Outlook sync issues will be fixed.

Why does my outlook keep saying send/receive error?

Most of the time Outlook Send/Receive Error occurs when there is any antivirus installed on your system. Windows Firewall and any other third party Antivirus program can prevent you from accessing an Outlook. This can result in Outlook send receive error.