What is liver Adenomatosis?

What is liver Adenomatosis?

Hepatic adenomatosis is a clinical entity characterized by 10 or more hepatic adenomas. It must be distinguished from isolated hepatic adenoma as it bears a much higher risk of complications, such as spontaneous rupture, hemorrhage and malignant transformation.

How is liver adenoma treated?

On review of published series there is evidence that 10% of liver cell adenomas progress to hepatocellular carcinoma, diagnosis is best made by open or laparoscopic excision biopsy, and the preferred treatment modality is resection of the liver cell adenoma to prevent bleeding and malignant transformation.

What causes hepatic Adenomatosis?

The most common risk factor for hepatic adenoma is the use of estrogen-based oral contraceptive pills. Your risk increases with prolonged use and with high-estrogen doses. Pregnancy can also increase your risk. Pregnancy stimulates the release of certain hormones related to the development of these tumors.

Do liver adenomas hurt?

Hepatocellular adenomas occur mainly in women of childbearing age, particularly those who use oral contraceptives. Usually, these tumors cause no symptoms, so most remain undetected. Large adenomas may cause pain in the upper right part of the abdomen.

How long is liver resection surgery?

Most surgeries take between 2 and 4 hours, but some may take longer. Your doctor or nurse will tell you what to expect.

Do liver adenomas need to be removed?

Men. Hepatic adenomas are more likely to turn into cancer in men. Because of this, doctors usually recommend that men have surgery to remove the tumor. Women with small tumors and no symptoms.

What causes a liver tumor to rupture?

Risk factors that could be responsible for HCC rupture include subcapsular location, rapid growth of the tumor with necrosis, and erosion of vessels and blunt abdominal trauma, especially with superficial tumors.

How serious is a liver resection?

Liver resection is a major, serious operation that should only be done by skilled and experienced surgeons.

How many adenomas do you have in hepatic adenomatosis?

Hepatic adenomatosis is the presence of numerous, more than 10 and up to 50, hepatic adenomas. It is a rare disorder, best characterized with MRI.

Is there a cure for hepatic adenomatosis?

Patients may have a progressive development of further adenomas. The adenomas are at risk of hemorrhage and are at risk for malignant degeneration of the adenomas into hepatocellular carcinoma. There is no definitive therapy for adenomatosis and treatment depends on symptoms, imaging findings, and the number of adenomas.

How is pregnancy related to a single liver adenoma?

In addition to oral contraceptive and hormone replacement therapy, pregnancy is also related to the development of a single liver adenoma. Patients with type I glycogen storage disease (also known as Von Gierke disease – a condition where glycogen cannot be broken down) are at increased risk for hepatic adenomatosis.

Can a hepatic adenoma rupture into liver cancer?

If diagnosed with a liver adenoma, it is possible the benign tumor will eventually lead to a hepatic adenoma rupture which causes internal bleeding. Though unlikely, it may even progress into a more complicated problem, like liver cancer. This is evident in less than 10% of adenoma cases, though.