What is HOAC II?

What is HOAC II?

The HOAC II offers a conceptual, patient-centred framework for physical therapists to use in the management of any type of patient. It addresses the five elements of patient management: examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and intervention.

What is HOAC system?

The original Hypothesis-Oriented Algorithm for Clinicians (HOAC) provided clinicians and students with a framework for science-based clinical practice and focused on the remediation of functional deficits and how changes in impairments related to these deficits.

What is a clinical hypothesis?

The hypothesis provides the justification for the clinical trial. It is antecedent to the trial and establishes the trial’s direction. Hypothesis testing is the most widely employed method of determining whether the outcome of clinical trials is positive or negative.

Do doctors use inductive or deductive reasoning?

In clinical reasoning, expert physicians generally use inductive reasoning with a holistic viewpoint based on a full understanding of content knowledge in most cases. Such a problem-solving process appears as a type of recognition-primed decision making only in experienced physicians’ clinical reasoning.

What is null hypothesis in clinical research?

Recall that the null hypothesis (H0) is a stated value of the population parameter that is set up to be refuted. For example, in a clinical trial with an intervention and a control group, the null hypothesis generally proposes that the intervention and control are equally as effective or ineffective.

What is the difference of inductive and deductive method?

The main difference between inductive and deductive reasoning is that inductive reasoning aims at developing a theory while deductive reasoning aims at testing an existing theory. Inductive reasoning moves from specific observations to broad generalizations, and deductive reasoning the other way around.

What is CI in clinical trial?

A CI is a numerical range used to describe research data. For example, for a study outcome of weight, a CI may be 53 to 71 kg. This interval of 53 to 71 kg is where there is 95% certainty that the true weight would lie (if you were applying a 95% CI).

What was the purpose of the HOAC II?

The HOAC II was designed to address shortcomings in the original HOAC and be more compatible with contemporary practice, including the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. Disablement terminology is used in the HOAC II to guide clinicians and students when documenting patient care and incorporating evidence into practice.

Is the HOAC algorithm based on best practice?

This is an ongoing process of evaluation as the subjective examination and physical examination is taking place. These are problems that if they are not addressed, will lead to PIPs or NPIPs in the future. This is based on the clinicians utilization of best practice as well as there own prognostic skills.

When did Rothstein and echternach1 publish HOAC?

In 1986, Rothstein and Echternach1 published a clinical decision and documentation guide called the Hypothesis-Oriented Algorithm for Clinicians (HOAC), which they contended offered clinicians a pragmatic, scientifically credible approach to patient management.