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What is famous in Hardoi?

What is famous in Hardoi?

Tourist Places

  • Bawan-Puri,Hardoi. Category Historic.
  • Sankat Haran Mandir Sakaha, Hardoi. Category Religious.
  • Roza Sadar Jahan,Pihani. Category Historic, Religious.
  • Prahlaad Kund,Hardoi.
  • Raja Narpati Singh Smarak,Ruiyagarhi,Madhoganj Hardoi.
  • Dhobiya Ashram Pihani,Hardoi.
  • Hatya Haran Teerth,Hardoi.
  • Baba Mandir, Hardoi.

Is Hardoi a good city?

Much like most other small towns in India, Hardoi is also known for its many temples and religious spaces. If in Hardoi, this locale is a must-visit. Other temples of religious significance in Hardoi are the Bhole Nath Mandir, the Shiv Mandir, the Ravidass Mandir, the Ram Janki Temple, the Hanuman Mandir and many more.

Why Hardoi is famous?

Hardoi district is known for cloth weaving and making products like loin-cloth, gamcha, shirts and more. The weavers in the Mallawa region manufacture products worth 70 crores every year. This sector provides employment to approximately five thousand weavers.

Who is the DM of Hardoi?

Avinash Kumar
District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Mr. Avinash Kumar District Magistrate, Hardoi +919454417556
Mr. Ajay Kumar Superintendent of Police, Hardoi 9454400276
Ms.Akansha Rana Chief Development Officer 9454416620

How many states are in Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, has 75 districts. These districts, most of which have populations above 10 lakhs, and are grouped into 18 divisions for administrative convenience.

What is the pin code of Hardoi?

Hardoi/Zip codes

Which river passes through Hardoi?

Gomati river
Gomati river flows mainly in Hardoi. It also has 7 Nagar Palika Parishads & 6 Nagar Panchayats . Geographical area is 5947 km2.

Where is Hardoi situated?

HARDOI district is a district of Lucknow Commissionaire in Uttar Pradesh Province of India. It is situated in between 26-53 to 27-46 North Latitude and 79-41 to 80-46 East Longitude.

Is Hardoi urban or rural?

Hardoi city is governed by Nagar Palika Parishad and is situated in Hardoi Urban Region. The total population of Hardoi UA/Metropolitan region is 197,029. The male population of which is 103,619 while female population is 93,410.

Is Hardoi a district?

What is the old name of Uttar Pradesh?

United Province of Agra and Oudh
A few days after Independence a debate started in the legislature over the question of a “suitable name” of the newly born province that had been known as United Province of Agra and Oudh since 1902 and was shortened to United Province (UP) in 1937.