What is EPSRC fellow?

What is EPSRC fellow?

EPSRC fellowships support talented and ambitious researchers to deliver research excellence and lead our research base in evolving towards a modern working culture. We will also allow fellowships over shorter periods. You can spend between 50% and 100% of your time on a fellowship.

What is an early career researcher EPSRC?

EPSRC fellowships help early and established career researchers with the greatest potential to develop world-leading research that will meet UK and global priorities. Your project can be across any topic in the EPSRC portfolio.

How do I write a case to support EPSRC?

Tips for writing a good case for support Write it in a clear, concise and jargon free style. Explain what is exciting about the research to your audience, reviewers in particular. You need to satisfy these experts in your own research field of the value of your project.

What’s the difference between fellowship and grant?

The fellowship supports them to do research that they choose and usually has a strong element of mentorship and other development. On the other hand, a grant is for someone who already has an academic position and will lead the research. The academic wins the grant and then hires postdocs to conduct the research.

How much is Epsrc PhD funding?

What PhD funding does the EPSRC provide? An EPSRC studentship provides the national minimum stipend set by UKRI: Tuition Fee of £4,500 per year. Stipend of £15,609 per year (with additional funds for students based in London)

What is the difference between a postdoc and a fellow?

What is the difference between a Postdoctoral Associate and a Postdoctoral Fellow? Postdocs are appointed with the title Postdoctoral Fellow or Postdoctoral Associate depending on the type and source of funding. Typically, fellows are responsible for applying for a fellowship award.

Is grant a fellowship?

A fellowship is typically given to a student who has completed his or her undergraduate work and is continuing his or her education. A grant, on the other hand, is often awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students and is typically awarded for scholastic achievement or other criteria.

How much time can you spend on an EPSRC fellowship?

You can spend between 50% and 100% of your time on a fellowship. If you want to work part-time, you can hold your EPSRC fellowship part-time as well, at a minimal level of 50% FTE.

Where can I find the Fellows Gallery at EPSRC?

The fellows gallery exhibits the profiles of some of our current fellows, information on their research and how the Fellowship has influenced their career. For general and theme-specific fellowship queries, please see our list of contacts. Alternatively, you can contact the People & Fellowships Team directly at: [email protected]

Do you have to have a PhD to get an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship?

You can apply if you have a PhD or have worked in a relevant field for at least four years by the start date of your fellowship. There are no eligibility rules about how many years of postdoctoral experience you need or whether you are currently in a permanent academic position.

When to use the reviewer form for EPSRC?

This form is to be used when reviewing EPSRC fellowship applications. These notes are intended to provide reviewers with specific guidance for the completion of the reviewer form. They should be read in conjunction with the reviewer Principles