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What is cresol used for?

What is cresol used for?

Mixtures of cresols are used as solvents for synthetic resin coatings such as wire enamels, metal degreasers, cutting oils, and agents to remove carbon deposits from combustion engines. Other uses of cresol mixtures include ore flotation and fiber treatment.

What is meta para-cresol?

Meta Para Cresol is mixture of Meta, Para and Ortho isomers in accurate composition. Meta Para Cresol is widely used in many industries as lubricating oils, wood preservatives, adhesives, automotive degreasers etc.

Are you pack name of meta-cresol?

Benzene-1, 3-diol.

Is 3 Methylphenol soluble in water?

Cresol is a mixture of the three isomeric cresols, o-, m-, and p-cresol. Cresols are slightly soluble in water.

What does p-cresol smell like?

Like other types of phenols, they are slowly oxidized by exposure to air, and the resulting impurities often give the samples a yellow to brownish red tint. Cresols have an odor characteristic to that of other simple phenols, reminiscent to some of a “coal tar” smell.

Is cresol a disinfectant?

Cresol is a methyl phenol with meta, ortho, and para isomers. It is used as a disinfectant and antiseptic.

How do you make cresol?


  1. Dissolve potassium hydroxide in 10ml of purified water. Add vegetable oil in this solution.
  2. Heat on a water bath.
  3. Add cresol to the above soap solution mix thoroughly.
  4. Add sufficient purified water to make the volume up to 30ml.

How do you make m-cresol?

O-xylene is oxidized by air under the catalysis of cobalt naphthenate to obtain o-methylbenzoic acid, and then the o-methylbenzoic acid is subjected to oxidative decarboxylation conversion by using copper oxide and magnesium oxide as catalysts to obtain m-cresol.

What is the Colour of p cresol?


Appearance colorless prismatic crystals
Density 1.0347 g/ml
Melting point 35.5 °C (95.9 °F; 308.6 K)
Boiling point 201.8 °C (395.2 °F; 474.9 K)

What does P cresol smell like?

What is Disinfectant Spray?

Disinfectant sprays are biochemical instruments created to kill microorganisms, including bacteria, germs, etc., on still surfaces. They are often used in hospitals, dental operations, kitchens, and bathrooms to kill germs and stains.

What kind of methyl group does meta Cresol have?

Cresols are methylphenols in which the methyl group can be in the meta-, ortho-, or para- position. Orthocresol is 2-methylphenol, metacresol is 3-methylphenol, and paracresol is 4-methylphenol.

What is the purpose of mixed cresol and cresylic acid?

Mixed cresols are used as disinfectants, preservatives, and wood preservatives. (1) o-Cresol is used as a solvent, disinfectant, and chemical intermediate. (1) m-Cresol is used to produce certain herbicides, as a precursor to the pyrethroid insecticides, to produce antioxidants, and to manufacture the explosive, 2,4,6-nitro-m-cresol.

Where can you find m cresol in products?

This substance can be found in products with material based on: plastic (e.g. food packaging and storage, toys, mobile phones). This substance is used in the following products: laboratory chemicals. This substance is used for the manufacture of: chemicals.

What is the role of 4 chloro m cresol?

4-chloro-m-cresol is a hydroxytoluene that is 3-methylphenol which is substituted by a chlorine at position 4. A ryanodine receptor agonist. It has a role as a ryanodine receptor agonist, an antimicrobial agent and a disinfectant. It is a hydroxytoluene and a member of monochlorobenzenes.