What is Army Form 1380?

What is Army Form 1380?

DA-1380 is a standard Department of the Army form, the official name of which is Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training. It is used by military employees.

What is a DA 1379?

The DA Form 1379 is the electronic means to record a unit’s IDT attendance, absences, and other related personnel, pay, and performance remarks, plus certain unit actions. The DA Form 1379 is not a source document to add, change, or delete information on the SIDPERS database.

What is anniversary year end?

The Anniversary Year Ending (AYE) date is the annual date that a Soldier’s retirement point record is closed out. It is utilized when referring to retirement points accounting. The AYE is much like a reserve Soldier’s “Anniversary” date and is a primary date captured in the Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS).

What is RST Army Reserve?

Purpose: The purpose of the RST Policy is to provide guidance for unit members on steps to take when they are unable to attend Battle Assembly/Multiple Unit Training Assemblies (MUTA) and wish to request an alternate date, site, or an excused absence. …

What is the army rst form?

What is an RST form? Principle purpose is to obtain prior approval for RST to comply with unit training schedule. Routine uses are to request rescheduled training and substantiate DA Form 1379 attendance codes. …

How is Army PEBD calculated?

For example, 364 days is exactly 12 months and 4 days. Subtract the time from Step 4 from today to get your effective PEBD. For example, Jan. 2, 2010 minus two years, four months, and one day yields a PEBD of Sept.

What is rye for Army?

In very general terms, a soldier establishes a retirement year ending (RYE) date by entering the Active Reserve. The date you enter the Active Reserve is your retirement year beginning (RYB) date. As long as you have no break in service, your RYE will be one year later.

Is annual training required for the Army Reserves?

The two week Annual Training is a normal service requirement and is usually considered part of the minimum service requirement for the year. However, it can, and often does, vary based on branch of service, unit, and career field. Some members may find they serve well in excess of the two weeks Annual Training.

How many points is a good year in the Army Reserves?

50 retirement points
Generally, a Reservist is eligible for Non-Regular Retirement once they have 20 Qualifying Years of service. Also known as a Good Year, a member accrues a Qualifying Year after they have earned a minimum of 50 retirement points in their own Anniversary Year.

What is DA Form 1380 in the Army?

S. Army Reserve Components Unit Record of Reserve Training) and DA Form 1380 (Army Reserve Record of Indi-vidual Performance of Reserve Duty Train-ing). This directive ensures compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NOAA) for Fiscal Year 2002, as well as other applicable statutory and DOD issu-ances.

How to get a DD 2813 for the Army?

Soldiers must then have their dentist complete a DD 2813 and submitted using the CDA help desk (email [email protected]). Soldiers can call 1-877-437-6313 for LHI to assist them in making an appointment free of charge. LHI will verify treatment needs and schedule the right appointment for you!

How to record retirement point credits in the Army?

It discusses the procedures for recording retirement point credits and training. It provides guid- ance for the use of completing the DA Form 1379 (U.S. Army Reserve Components Unit Record of Reserve Training) and DA Form 1380 (Army Reserve Record of Indi- vidual Performance of Reserve Duty Train- ing).

How to submit da form 1380 for IDT pay?

For IDT Pay; send the DA Form 1380 on each individual Soldier, one DA Form 1380 per email submission to the HRC Reserve pay Team @: [email protected] For POINTS ONLY send the DD Form 577 and the DA Form 1380 to the appropriate HRC Officer or Enlisted Personnel Actions Branch (PAB).