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What is a virtual constructor in C++?

What is a virtual constructor in C++?

Virtual Constructor in C++ The virtual mechanism works only when we have a base class pointer to a derived class object. In C++, the constructor cannot be virtual, because when a constructor of a class is executed there is no virtual table in the memory, means no virtual pointer defined yet.

Can we make a constructor virtual?

Constructor can not be virtual, because when constructor of a class is executed there is no vtable in the memory, means no virtual pointer defined yet. Hence the constructor should always be non-virtual.

How can you create a virtual copy constructor?

So we will use a virtual copy constructor that will copy the objects based on the type that the user inputted. Copy constructor uses the virtual clone method whereas the virtual create method is used by the default constructors for creating a virtual constructor.

Can C++ have virtual copy constructor?

Never, it won’t possible in C++. Yes you can create virtual copy constructor but you can not create virtual constructor.

Can a constructor be static?

Java constructor can not be static One of the important property of java constructor is that it can not be static. We know static keyword belongs to a class rather than the object of a class. A constructor is called when an object of a class is created, so no use of the static constructor.

What is virtual destructor in C++ with example?

Deleting a derived class object using a pointer of base class type that has a non-virtual destructor results in undefined behavior. To correct this situation, the base class should be defined with a virtual destructor. For example, following program results in undefined behavior.

What is constructor C++?

Mar 10, 2021. 0. A constructor in C++ is a special ‘MEMBER FUNCTION’ having the same name as that of its class which is used to initialize some valid values to the data members of an object. It is executed automatically whenever an object of a class is created.

What is virtual function example?

A virtual function is a member function that you expect to be redefined in derived classes. When you refer to a derived class object using a pointer or a reference to the base class, you can call a virtual function for that object and execute the derived class’s version of the function.

When to use virtual destructor?

A virtual destructor is needed whenever there is any chance that delete might be called on a pointer to an object of a subclass with the type of your class. This makes sure the correct destructor gets called at run time without the compiler having to know the class of an object on the heap at compile time.

What is the use of constructor in CPP?

Constructors are special class functions which performs initialization of every object. The Compiler calls the Constructor whenever an object is created. Constructors initialize values to object members after storage is allocated to the object. Whereas, Destructor on the other hand is used to destroy the class object.

What is constructor in C?

A constructor is a member function of a class which initializes objects of a class. In C++, Constructor is automatically called when object(instance of class) create.