What is a vessel SCAC code?

What is a vessel SCAC code?

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is a privately controlled US code used to identify vessel operating common carriers (VOCC). It is typically two to four letters long. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association developed the SCAC code in the 1960s to help road transport companies computerize data and records.

Who has a SCAC code?

SCAC codes are used in the automobile, petroleum, forestry, railroad, and ocean container industries, among many others. Like freight class, they are created and regulated by the NMFTA. In LTL shipping, SCAC codes identify a number of commonly used carriers.

What is CH Robinson SCAC code?

SCAC Codes

C.H. Robinson RBTN NEMF
CF Motor Freight CFWY NSHT
California Transport Enterprises CAIE ODFL

Do all carriers have SCAC codes?

The SCAC code is unique for every freight carrier. As a result, shippers will refer to this code when they prepare billing and shipping documents to specify the freight carrier that will be handling goods.

Can a carrier have multiple SCAC codes?

Carriers may apply for one SCAC for each mode of operation.

Who are the ocean freight carriers and SCAC codes?

OCEAN FREIGHT CARRIERS & SCAC CODES Carrier name (Abbreviation) Carrier name and web link (Full length) SCAC code AC Line Atlantic Caribbean Line AC Lines Advance Container Lines ACL Atlantic Container Line ACLU AEL Africa Express Line

What is the SCAC code for Emirates shipping line?

Ocean Carrier SCAC Code List Carrier Name (Abbreviated) Carrier Name SCAC code Eimskip Eimskip EIMU/EIMW Emirates Emirates Shipping Line ESPU Eukor Eukor EUKO Evergreen Evergreen Line EGLV

What is the standard carrier Alpha Code SCAC?

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code ( SCAC) is a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies. The SCAC code is the ascribed transportation company identification code used in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee…

What are the carrier SCAC codes for Goodyear?

CARRIER SCAC CODES . Carrier Name (Abbreviated) Carrier Name SCAC code ACL Atlantic Container Line ACLU Alianca Alianca ANRM ANL Australia National Line ANNU APL American President Lines APLU CMA CGM Compagnie Maritime d Affretement Compagnie Generale Maritime CMDU Ltd. HDMU Horizon Horizon Lines HRZU ICL Independent Container Line IILU