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What is a Charley board?

What is a Charley board?

A punchboard is a game board, primarily consisting of a number of holes, which was used once for lottery games.

How do you make a punch box?

Punch Box Supplies

  1. {step 1} Mark your layout on the front of a tri-fold display board. Cut out circles with a rotary circle cutter.
  2. {step 2} Cut tissue paper squares and attach with tape.
  3. {step 3} Place prizes on tissue paper, cover with paper bags and attach bag with tape.

How do you punch a gift?

Punch A Present Gift Idea

  1. All his favorite treats: jerky, nuts, soda pop, chips… whatever he loves.
  2. Romantic items: long-stemmed glasses, a bottle of sparkling cider, lingerie, chocolate-covered strawberries. You get the idea.
  3. Hobby stuff: new golf balls, fishing flies, etc.

How do I calculate envelope size?

How to Measure an Envelope

  1. Orient the Flap.
  2. Determine the Envelope Size.
  3. Identify the Score.
  4. Measure the Face.
  5. Measure the Seal Flap.
  6. Measure the Side Seam Width.
  7. Measure the Throat Depth.
  8. Measure the Back.

What kind of punch board does we Your Memory Keepers use?

The Gift Box Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers helps crafters make the outside of a package just as beautiful as the inside. This punch board makes it easy, and cost effective, to create beautiful gift boxes simply by punching and scoring any decorative paper.

What can you do with a we your punch board?

Use the Punch Boards to create Gift Bags, Gift Boxes, Pillow Boxes, and Candy Boxes. Look for these new tools this fall. Shop for WE R Memory Keepers products here: http://store.scrapbook.com/brand/we+r… Scrapbook.com: Life Handmade. For papercrafters, scrapbookers, stampers, cardmakers and all those who love handmade projects. Loading…

When to use a gift bag punch board?

Create bags and boxes in a variety of sizes and use them for special occasions such as baby and wedding showers, birthdays, holidays, party favors, and more. Use the Punch Boards to create Gift Bags, Gift Boxes, Pillow Boxes, and Candy Boxes. Click to shop Gift Bag Punch Board: https://www.wermemorykeepers.com/prod… . .

How does the we are memory keeper work?

It features built-in studio lights for even coverage, an on/off dimmer switch, glare shields to keep images clean, and a collapsible frame for easy set up, take down, and storage. It also works with any phone or camera, and can be upgraded with different backgrounds, a storage bag, and the Sideshot attachment to get new angles.