What is a 13B REW engine?

What is a 13B REW engine?

The 13B-REW engine was a completely redesigned 13B engine, launched in late 1991 in the third-generation RX-7. The REW indicates that it is a rotary engine supercharged by twin sequential turbochargers. This is the first engine in the mass-production with such turbocharger system.

How much power can a 13B REW handle?

Although it’s capable of producing 900 to 1,000 hp in a piston application, Jonny selected this big, midsize-framed turbo because it would complement the bridgeported engine with nominal lag.

Is 13B REW reliable?

The 13B-REW is not a reliable engine if it is not properly taken care of. While the 13B gets a bad reputation for reliability, it is often caused by negligent owners. However with that being said, the 13B REW does have a number of common problems of its own that tend to occur regardless of maintenance.

How much power can a RX7 make?

This extremely high-revving 2.6-litre mill originally produced 700 horsepower, but Mazzei somehow managed to crank it up to 1,000 horsepower, even running on just 12 psi of boost (when he tried to add more turbo pressure the transmission broke). Peak torque amounts to 650 pound-feet and redline is at 10,000 rpm.

What’s the difference between a 13bt and a 13B Rew?

One significant difference on the 13B-REW is the areas around the dowel pins on the side housings. They are reinforced and ribbed with thicker castings. This is a major problem area on high output 13BT engines, as they tend to crack at high power levels and is the main reason that the 13BT blocks are not reliable beyond 400HP.

What kind of engine does a Mazda 13B-MSP have?

The name Renesis is a combination of Rotary Engine (RE) and Genesis. The abbreviation MSP is Multi Side Ports which make the engine different from its Mazda’s rotary predecessors. Instead of the 13B-REW, the 13B-MSP is a naturally aspirated (NA) engine.

What’s the difference between the Mazda 13B and 13W?

The cross-sectional area for the intake ports is an almost 30% larger compared to the 13B-REW engine. The engine equipped with lighter parts to reduce rotational mass: rotors are lighter by 14%, flywheel – by 20%.

Is the 13B Rew oil pump interchangable with the 13bt?

Oil pump capacity and pressure are also increased in the 13B-REW motors. The oil pumps are not interchangable. The 13B-REW oil pressure regulator is interchangable with the 13BT motors and is a reccommended upgrade when power output is increased.