What is a 0311 in the Marine Corps?

What is a 0311 in the Marine Corps?

Riflemen are the primary scouts, assault, and close combat forces available to the MAGTF. They are the foundation of the Marine Infantry Organization, and as such are the nucleus of the fire team in the rifle squad, the scout team in the LAR Squad, and Scout Snipers in the infantry battalion.

What is the MOS for recon in the Marine Corps?

Marine Force RECON: Duties, qualifications and training Force RECON is overseen directly by the Marine Corps. Recon Marines have a military occupation specialty code of 0321.

Can Marine infantry go to recon?

Recon isn’t exclusive to infantry, it is its own MOS, 0321. If you don’t have that MOS, you don’t go to BRC. If you wash out of BRC, you then become an infantry Marine, getting 03XX, being whatever they need at the time. Aiden Gonzalez any Marine can submit to attend that course.

What is the MOS 0313?

MOS 0313 Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine.

Are Marines really the first to fight?

Claiming less than 1% of the federal budget, the Marines have managed to fashion a culture of discipline, devotion and sheer bravery that is unsurpassed by any other war-fighting organization in the world. Marines were the first U.S. conventional forces on the ground in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

What does Marine recon actually do?

Recon Marines are tasked with land and amphibious reconnaissance, intelligence collection, surveillance and small unit raids , and straddle the line between special operations forces and conventional forces.

What are the Marine Corps MOS codes?

The military operational specialty (MOS) code for this rating is 5821. Marine Corps CID agents conduct all general criminal investigations under the jurisdiction of the CID and NCIS , which includes conducting covert operations, interrogation of witnesses and crime scene investigations.

What are the different MOS’s in the Marines?

01 – Personnel and Administration.

  • 02 – Intelligence.
  • 03 – Infantry.
  • 04 – Logistics.
  • 05 – Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) plans.
  • 06 – Communications.
  • 08 – Field Artillery.
  • 09 – Training.
  • 11 – Utilities.
  • Facilities and Equipment.
  • What is a Marine Force Recon?

    Marine Force Recon. United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, otherwise known as Force Recon, units are a special operations force under the command of the United States Marine Corps .